Fun Holiday Classes for Kids in Sydney

Keep your kids active during the holidays with a series of exciting workshops and programmes.

Creativity 10 min read Apr 12, 2017

Get your kids into the holiday spirit and continue to inspire learning by choosing from a wide selection of workshops and camps across Sydney. These great after-school season classes will keep your kids busy having fun while learning, keeping active, socialising and making new friends. Whichever you choose, each class is guaranteed to be fun-filled and help them grow in confidence and independence.

EASTER SPECIAL: Kids Pizza Making Class with Dust Bakery

Dragging kids into the kitchen is easy peasy when you tell them they’ll be making pizza - because making pizza from scratch is always going to be a hit. This Easter Special class will provide an hour of fun and learning for kids where they make stone-milled dough to use to make pizza that is more wholesome, nutritious, and delicious. Parents who come along can enjoy roasted coffee, pastries, stone-ground loaves and other items from Dust Bakery’s menu.

Where: The Tramsheds (1 hr & 17 mins from CBD)
When: April 19th
Cost: $40

2-Day Surf Course with Central Coast Surf School (Avoca Beach)

A surfing holiday is always a top choice for any family in Oz. So gear up and sign your kids up to learn to surf in this 2-day course with Central Coast Surf School. Courses run at three (3) locations: Umina, Avoca and Terrigal beaches, and for 1.5 hours, kids enjoy a complete surf learning experience and have all the equipment they need at their disposal.

Where: Central Coast Surf School, Avoca (1 hr & 41 mins from CBD)
When: April 15th, 17th, 22nd & 24th
Cost: $100
Other Classes Available:
2-Day Surf Course at Terrigal Beach
2-Day Surf Course at Umina Beach (1 hr & 31 mins from CBD)

GoGo Sports Holidays Program with GoGo Healthy Kids

Give your kids the best holiday fun by getting them to have a “go” at learning new skills, making new friends and experience match play outdoors. GoGo’s holiday programs offers many activities in one full day: from footy and soccer, to AFL, rugby and more. There’s something for every kid to have fun in, as well as challenge themselves in while they grow to become more confident and independent.

Where: Bondi Public School
When: April 21st
Cost: $65 (Full-Day), $40 (Half-Day), $10 (Before or After Care)

Tiles Gone Wild: Pottery Easter School Holiday with Artnest

Let your kids foster their creativity through clay play in this 2-hour class and let them experience what it’s like working in a real potter’s studio! Class size is small and lots of individual attention will be provided. Kids will have a chance to learn the basics methods in ceramic art and explore endless possibilities in clay. Projects will include making tiles, mosaics, sculptures, creative pottery and more. At the end of the class, kids get to take home their own designs.

Where: Artnest Pottery Atelier & Classes (33 mins from CBD)
When: April 13th & 19th
Cost: $50 (2-hour class)

Create & Paint Your Design: Pottery Easter School Holiday with Artnest

In this class, kids will yet again be part of a fun, hands-on workshop learning the basics of pottery, and be taught to focus on their creativity using wet clay and underglazes. They will learn the entire process of hand making by making their own moulds and then painting their sculptures with underglazes. Kids also get to take home their unique creations at the end of the class.

Where: Artnest Pottery Atelier & Classes (33 mins from CBD)
When: April 18th
Cost: $85 (3.5-hour class)

Henna Art for Tweens (9-12yo) with At The Corner

Henna tattoos are becoming increasingly popular with kids these days, and if your tween is one of the many who are looking to don a tattoo, the idea of this class is sure to excite them. This fun and creative workshop will teach them about the art of Henna and they will learn to create their own beautiful design that will last them for days - because a little henna goes a long way!

Where: At The Corner
When: April 11th & 19th
Cost: $22

Make a Dreamcatcher at Maker’s Loft (Age 8+)

Not only will kids love the opportunity to get creative at making a dreamcatcher, they will also be fascinated by the interesting story behind this legendary craft. In Native American culture, dreamcatchers are meant to be protective charms that catch “any harm that might be in the air.” Kids will learn to make dreamcatchers that have intricate webbing and charming embellishments, which they can then use to hang over their beds and make for sweet dreams.

Where: Maker’s Loft – Tinker Studio
When: April 24th
Cost: $35 (Regular), $30 (Bring-a-Friend)

3-Day Junior Holiday Camp at Tennis Blast Academy (Ages 5-8)

Have your kids put their tennis shoes on and join in on all the fun and excitement offered at Tennis Blast Academy’s holiday program. Each day in this 3-day camp is packed with fun, games, activities, entertainment, and best of all, making friends along the way. Campers will receive personal coaching as they discover their potential and capabilities throughout the whole experience.

Where: Beverly Hills
When: April 18th
Cost: $165 (3 days for 3 hours daily)

Make Soaps & Bombs with Maker’s Loft (Age 8+)

Kids will enjoy making a batch of bath soaps and fizzies - it’s a fun, squishy and messy activity where the pay-off lasts for weeks! In no time, kids learn to make soaps and bombs of different shapes, colours and fragrances. They’ll also learn special techniques that’ll create special effects in their craft project. At the end of the day, kids get to take home their finished projects.

Where: Maker’s Loft
When: April 24th
Cost: $40 (Regular), $35 (Bring-a-Friend)

Acrylic Painting Workshop On Canvas at Tennyson Studio

Children are born with art skills. If properly guided, their skills can develop quickly when it comes to drawing or painting. In this 3-hour workshop, kids will discover their inner artist and will receive step-by-step instruction in drawing and painting with acrylics so they can achieve a masterpiece! The class will have everything children need to get started in self-expression, reflection, and creative thinking.

Where: Tennyson Studio
When: April 19th
Cost: $45
Other Classes Available:
Ceramic Painting
Hand Building with Clay and Ceramics Painting

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