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If you've been keen to take an art class, here's one more reason not to wait

Creativity 5 min read Sep 25, 2019

Admit it, you loved to draw as a kid. Which little girl didn’t have her artistic prowess exercised by trying out different media, from your crayons on the wall to your basic pencil to paper, before advancing to the sophisticated texture of oil pastel and the complexity of charcoal. And then you grew up and moved on to other creative pursuits. Or maybe you simply forgot how much you loved it.

But to those women who kept the fire alive, whether as a paid pro, a gig worker, a serial art class-taker, or just your occasional doodler, kudos to you. And here’s some good news: If you’ve been looking to share your art with the world, there’s a global community of more than 5,000 female artists that may be perfect for you.

Women Who Draw is an open directory of illustrators that invites women of all persuasions and especially encourages members of less visible groups, including women of colour and LBTQ+ artists. Their latest call for submission focuses on tales of immigration as told on canvas, and it’s a real eye-opener. As every piece of art is wont to do.

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Vine a decirles que está ilustración está expuesta en @salonimagenpalabra en la en Bogotá. Es la primera vez que participo en una expo con otros ilustradores. Así que vayan a echarle un ojo, a parte tienen un montón de talleres y charlas muy cool abiertas y gratuitas a las que pueden asistir🙌✨ ... Hice está ilustración muy conmovida con toda la situación del éxodo venezolano, la migración a nivel mundial y como está guiado por un discurso de xenofobia e ignorancia. Es super lamentable todo lo que está pasando; es un tema que me toca profundamente. Aunque yo este fuera de mi país no quiere decir que no me lamento por las personas que tienen que irse (hasta caminando) por hambre o salud en todas partes del mundo... por una pequeña oportunidad de sobrevivir de forma decente. Lo único que le puedo decir a la gente que se queja por los inmigrantes es... recuerda a aquellos de tu propio país que han emigrado a otras tierras. Y les recuerdo solo somos un poco de gente mezclada que forma parte del mismo 🌏. ••• I came to tell you that this illustration is exposed in IMAGENPALABRA in the Tadeo university in Bogota. It's the first time I take part in an exhibition with other illustrators. So go and take a look🙌✨ ... I made this illustration very moved with the whole situation of the Venezuelan exodus, the migration worldwide and how it is often leading by a speech of xenophobia and ignorance. Everything that is happening is very unfortunate; it's a topic that touches me hard and deep. Even though I'm out of my country it doesn't mean that I don't feel for the people who have to leave (even walking) because of hunger or health ... for a small opportunity to get a decent living. The only thing I can say to people who complain about immigrants is: remember those of your own country who have migrated to other lands. And I remind you, we are just a bunch of people mixed in the same planet🌏

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WWD started when founders Julia Rothman and Wendy MacNaughton discovered that only a handful of female illustrators ever got a chance to be featured on a popular magazine cover. Now that a rich directory is available online, publishers and others in need of professional art have a place to find talent organised from all over the globe. No more excuses.

Are you a professional illustrator with your own website and able to take on freelance work? You can apply to be listed on WWD by submitting your own illustration of a woman here: Be one of thousands of female artists – there are 188 in Australia and New Zealand alone – whose work is showcased on the WWD website and other channels.

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Susan Sarandon for @frankiemagazine 💜

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Every day 💪🏻... #internationalwomensday

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Who run the world, indeed.

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