Best School Holiday Workshops in Melbourne

Find the top school holiday activities Melbourne has to offer for kids, from soccer and painting classes to pottery and mosaic workshops

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Whether it’s art workshops, soccer camps, or music lessons, there’s something cooking that’s perfect for your child. This school holiday season in Melbourne, let the kids make the most of their free time and get them honing their skills, learning new hobbies, and making new friends to boot.

Cartoon Workshop

If your child has a knack for doodling, you have to check this one out. This one-of-a-kind drawing workshop by Oak Hill Gallery will teach your child how to draw colourful cartoons and let their imagination run wild, specially designed for students 5 to 12 years old. By the end of this two-hour school holiday class on Mornington-Tyabb Rd, your child will not only have learned how to make their own quirky cartoon characters; they will also have acquired the aptitude to explore the limitless potential of this visual art.

Where: Oak Hill Gallery, 100 Mornington-Tyabb Rd, Mornington VIC 3931
When: July 9th
Cost: AU$30.00
Other Classes Available: Cartoon Workshop

School Holiday Program (U8’s) - Point Cook

If you’re looking for a way to keep your kids out of bed all day throughout the school holidays, look no further. Soccer Pro Academy has got you covered! This two-day, three-hour soccer program in Point Cook gives students a crash course on the basics of soccer, perfect for active kids with an inkling for sports and competition who want to get a head start on other players their age. Suitable for 8 years old and under; more classes are available for other age groups.

Where: Point Cook Jets Soccer Club, Saltwater Reserve, Saltwater Reserve, Saltwater Promenade, Point Cook VIC 3030
When: June 28th
Cost: $120.00
Other classes available: School Holiday Program (U12’s) - Point Cook

School Holidays Painting Class (Essendon)

It’s scientifically proven that kids who learn how to paint early on tend to get (or perhaps, grow) ahead of the curve. Children with this skill are able to recognize patterns better, or in other words, have improved critical thinking skills that are fundamental to their development. In this kids art workshop in Essendon, talented artists will guide your child through the step-by-step process of how to create their first (or second) artwork on canvas. If you want them on track throughout the school holidays, this class by Paint With Me Melbourne is perfect for them.

Where: Paint With Me Essendon, 1099 Mt Alexander Rd, Essendon VIC 3040
When: July 7th
Cost: $25
Other classes available: School Holidays Painting Class (Northcote), June School Holidays - Fancy Cards with Michelle, June School Holidays - Selfie collage on canvas

Metal dragon sculpture workshop

Let your child bring dragons to life — with foil and wire, that is — this school holiday in South Kingsville. In this awesome craft workshop, students will embark on a personal quest with Aa is for Art to create their very own tin foil dragons, in which they will be guided step-by-step on how to sculpt tin foil body and limbs, create and cut wings and features using tin sheeting, and awaken the dragon by using a hot glue gun. Absolutely no experience is necessary, and all tools will be provided.

Where: Aa is for Art, 31 Vernon St, South Kingsville VIC 3015
When: July 9th
Cost: $65
Other classes available: Clay wall hanging workshop, Screen Printing Workshop

Teens at Taradale (12-16yrs) - Pottery Class

Professional potter Ian McColl (or Ox, as he’s called) welcomes students to the world of pottery in this beginner art and crafts workshop. Students are guaranteed a great time on their first time throwing on the wheel, but those who prefer hand building sculptures are also free to do so. What matters is that they have a great time working with clay, and pick up a couple of new skills (and hopefully, one new hobby) with expert tuition. Perfect for ages 12-16.

Where: Oxart HQ, 128 High St, Taradale VIC 3447
When: July 1st
Cost: $50
Other classes available: Afternoon - Family Pottery Workshop, Kids at Taradale - Pottery Class (6-12 years)

Edvard Munch Self Portraits

The artists over at Artea Art School Community and Party Venue aren’t only creative with their paintings; they’re certainly creative with their classes as well. In this class, students ages 5-12 will learn how to recreate “The Scream” by Edvard Munch but with a twist: They will paint themselves, or their favourite characters, in the background of the timeless painting! With that, they will learn how to use oil pastels to add detail to their artworks, which should be enough to keep them occupied over the holidays. More classes are available for other age groups.

Where: ARTea Art School HQ, 2 Alfred Pl, South Melbourne VIC 3205
When: July 1st
Cost: $38.00
Other classes available: Full Day Holiday Program (Mon, 28 June 2021), Winter Monet’s Garden landscape Holiday Program, Engineering Challenges (Holiday Program)

Mosaic, Glass Fusing and Craft Holiday Program

It’s always good to have choices, right? Thankfully, this class by Merryl’s Mosaics & Glass Studio offers not just one, but five arts and crafts activities for your child to choose from: mosaic, bead mosaic, flowers and bling mosaic, and glass fusing. Out of these school holiday activities in Caulfield, students can choose to create three items, or perhaps more if time permits, with an expert guiding them through the whole process. It’s what you would call a “bang for a buck” type of class, and it’s suitable for ages 4 and up.

Where: Merryl’s Mosaics & Glass Studio, 723 Glen Huntly Rd, Caulfield South VIC 3162
When: June 24th - July 11th
Cost: $42.00
Other classes available: Make in your own time: Kids DIY Mosaic Kit, Make in your own time: Teen/Adult DIY Mosaic Kit

Kids Holiday Workshop - Freehand Street Art

Spray paint is a challenging medium to work with, for sure. But if done right, it can create really cool results that you just can’t achieve with ordinary paint. In this class by Blender Studios, professional graffiti artists share the secrets of freehand spray painting in a dedicated spray painting venue, complete with the appropriate measures to ensure health and safety. Suitable for ages 10 and up.

Where: The Blender Studios, 33-35 Dudley St, West Melbourne VIC 3003
When: July 1st
Cost: $89.00 (general ticket), $168.00 (bring a friend)
Other classes available: Kids Holiday Workshop - Stencil Street Art, Stencil Art Workshop

Winter School Holiday Music Program

Childhood is a great place to start learning how to play an instrument. Mozart, for instance, began learning piano at the ripe age of three. And if it weren’t for those early lessons with his dad, music would not have been the same. In this class by Melbourne Performing Arts Academy, students will learn how to play their favourite instruments, rock out alongside others, and bring out their musical abilities. That includes DJ-ing, instrumental making, song-writing, production, and all things music. If your child has an interest in music, the best thing you could do this school holiday in Pascoe Vale is to bring them to this amazing music program!

Where:Melbourne Performing Arts Academy, 4 Bolingbroke St, Pascoe Vale VIC 3044
When: June 28th - July 9th
Cost: $80.00 (Morning/ Afternoon session), $120.00 (whole day session)
Other classes available: Individual music lesson, End of Term 2 Musical Showcase

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Cartoon Workshop

Cartoon Workshop