Rum, Records, and Finger Painting

Perfect Father’s Day present for music-loving, art-making dads

Creativity 8 min read Aug 28, 2019

Why don’t they make music like they used to, asks every {insert favourite band here}-loving father given to nostalgia. But they’ll surely have a blast in this Work-Shop class, as they flash back to the good ol’ days, reminisce over rum, and trade dad jokes about their favourite retro tunes.

Learn the basics of painting, vintage-style. Because you won’t see any brushes or canvases in this class, you will be finger-painting your masterpiece on an actual vinyl record, with Stephen Evans, one of the more creative fathers we know.

Known for his work in still life, Stephen has always been artistic, even as a child. He’ll often be off somewhere “obsessively drawing”, as he puts it, creating flick drawings on school books - a standard pastime for every kid with an active imagination. Of course, his little hobby eventually got Stephen a job over at Hanna-Barbera.

Stephen has been commissioned to create everything, from murals and theatre sets to wine barrels and cars. However, his passion for scenic art-making really shines through in his beachscapes and landscapes.

We should all be so lucky getting paid doing what we love. But it’s never too late to start! Get on your creative path and go old school with Stephen Evans.

Happening this September at these venues:

Book now in Melbourne

Where: Work-Shop Melbourne, 195 Argyle Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065
When: Saturday, 07 September, 6:30PM (2.0 hours)
Price: $70

Book now in Sydney

Where: Work-Shop Sydney, Corner Cleveland St, Eveleigh St, Redfern NSW 2016
When: Friday, 27 September, 6:30PM (2.0 hours)
Price: $70

Paint what you love in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth!