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Creativity 2 min read Jan 21, 2020

Sarah Schembri’s pottery classes in Melbourne are perennially sold out, and for good reason! Sarah is what you would call a potter’s potter - someone who is expert at her craft, an excellent model for other wheel throwers, and a superb teacher, to boot.

I had a really great day learning pottery with Sarah, there was lots of freedom to make whatever you liked as well as a terrific grazing table and wine. I would highly recommend this experience to others interested in getting their hands dirty. - Elizabeth

Sarah’s class was an amazing day all round! Beautiful food, lovely teachers and a great atmosphere for all. Cannot wait to come back and collect the finished pieces! 100% recommend. - Erin

This was the BEST fun!! I’ve actually enrolled in classes because of the wheel and unwind night we did. The grazing table was INCREDIBLE and Sarah and her staff were so incredibly nice. Highly recommend!! - Amber

Need we say more? Now, how would you like a ringside seat, to see this topnotch ceramicist at work? Sign up for our latest giveaway and join in on the messy fun!

Get behind the pottery wheel with fellow crafters and receive:

  • An introduction to the pottery wheel
  • A glass of wine over courtesy of Montara Wines
  • A lovely grazing table (Bring your appetite!)

There’ll just be a short wait before you get to bring home your pottery pieces, as they go through the usual firing and glazing step. In the meantime, you can prepare that special spot at home for your ceramic masterpieces. They’re sure to be great conversation starters!

Promo ends on Sunday, 20th October 2019, 11:59PM EST. Open only to residents of Victoria.

Don’t miss this exciting giveaway! ENTER HERE with a fellow crafter and join as many times as you like. Good luck!

Throw on the wheel with a potter’s potter
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