5 Top Hacks for Christmas Gift-Giving

A week to go! Is every box in your gift list good and ticked?

Creativity 5 min read Dec 19, 2019

These days, just about anything and everything can be hacked - yes, even gift-giving! Here we share a few tips on how to navigate holiday shopping and make it just a little less stressful.

For the foodie: Love made edible

Gingerbread houses. Pasta from scratch. Sugar cookies. Flavoured kombucha. A food and wine tour. Or how about a cooking class designed for beginners! Who can say no to these goodies?

As any savvy gift giver knows, you can never go wrong with food. If you’re feeling extra creative, maybe you can think up unique ways to wrap and package your present. Cake in a jar, anyone?

The best gifts are handmade

For the extraordinary person in your life who’s always looking so together, what do you give someone who’s probably already got everything? How about something that’s handcrafted with pure love?

Did you recently take a pottery class and make gorgeous flatware? Or how about your unique take on a Matisse classic? And who wouldn’t want to go natural with their daily skincare regimen? And what’s great about handmade presents is that you can always make more! Learning is indeed the gift that keeps on giving.

Take a quick trip to the op shop

What’s the best preloved thing you own? More than just a thrifty way to buy over the holidays, op shops are a great source of one-of-a-kind beauties. From quirky trinkets to fab statement pieces, there’s nothing a quick mend won’t restore or even better.

Touch up your treasure to add a bit of character. Create something original out of several fab finds. Or go and refurbish a knock-off into a real conversation starter.

Don’t return. Regift!

Forget the social stigma some people attach to the secret practice of regifting. That’s simply rubbish. We can’t be expecedt to fall in love with every single gift we receive now, can we?

But one woman’s no-pile might be another’s wish list! So, if you know someone who might be able to give your unwanted pressie the unconditional love it deserves, waste not, want not, and don’t be afraid to regift. In fact, we encourage you to do it!

Why pick one, when you can gift thousands?

Two words: gift card. A gift card ticks every box on every holiday list. Here’s why:

  • Fits every occasion
  • Arrives exactly on your chosen date/time
  • 3-year expiry date

Present your loved one with a gift card or gift voucher, so they can pick exactly what they want, from thousands of fantastic options! Choose your own adventure, we always say!

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