A Special Valentine Gift from Beauty’s Got Soul

Plus 7 self-care tips for highly creative individuals

Creativity 5 min read Feb 06, 2020

Planning something creative for Valentine’s Day? To be able to share your life with someone is one of life’s greatest gifts. And here’s one more from Beauty’s Got Soul.

Beauty’s Got Soul is one of those rare brands that truly do well by doing good. They are your perfect companion for “me time”, especially in this Season of Love.

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Lighten up on yourself. No one is perfect. Gently accept your humanness. – Deborah Day

Highly creative people have a rather strange relationship with stress. Some artists find that they tend to be more anxious than regular folks; others like a little pressure because it makes them more productive. Sound familiar?

We do know one thing, though: Spending time on creative pursuits can help alleviate stress. But it can be too easy to get lost in your work and forget to look out for yourself.

Think of it this way: Too much stress will impact your mental state, your physical health, and ultimately, your ability to create. It can be a vicious or a virtuous cycle, the choice is yours.

You can live life to the fullest and still be kind to yourself. Try these seven self-care tips.

Take care of your body

Studies show that poor physical health can affect your mental health, and increase the risk of stress and anxiety. With that in mind, eat healthy and be more active! Forming new habits is easier than you might think!

Do the things you love

Carve out space in your day to immerse in experiences that take your mind away from everyday life. Take your favourite hobby to the next level or pick up a new skill you’ve always wanted to learn. If you want to perform better at work, this is a fantastic way to do it. Goodbye forever, Monday blues.

Get out of the house

When was the last time you visited your favourite aunt, or the park, or the mall, or maybe went hiking? Think of somewhere you would like to be right this minute, and make time to go there. You deserve to take a beat with a simple change of pace and place.

Keep a journal

Make it a routine to write your thoughts down, like in a personal journal. What are you thinking or feeling right now? Jot it down. It will work wonders in keeping you grounded.

Do one thing every day that scares you

Staying with your comfort zone does nothing for your creativity. Sometimes, you just need to try something you don’t usually do, to keep things fresh and exciting. Find that balance.

Don’t beat yourself up

Don’t succumb to negativity! When faced with failure, don’t talk yourself down and remember that there’s always a next time. Having a positive outlook towards life goes a long way.

Talk to someone

Never neglect your mental health. Seek out your friends, spend a long weekend with your family, or even get professional help. Everyone has a blind spot and other people can fill in the gaps for you. It does take a village and our need for community doesn’t go away as we get older.

Please be kind to yourself; it’s the best thing you can do for your creativity. Open yourself up to a new experience that piques your curiosity, satisfies your need to create, and uplifts your well-being!

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