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Always wanted to exhibit your artwork in public? Now you can

Creativity 5 min read May 17, 2020

This is no ordinary digital painting class. Spend four weeks online with Rebel Stepz and you get a unique opportunity to exhibit your artwork at Bendigo Bank in Carlton!

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What Makes Digital Painting Unique?

Digital painting has been around for a while now, but despite the medium being such a hot topic in the art world, surprisingly, there are limited resources to learn and get into digital painting, unless you know where to look.

An alternative to traditional painting (wherein you use watercolor, oil, canvas, and other typical materials), you can create your masterpiece with just the bare minimum of digital tools: a computer or a tablet and a stylus. If you’re new to digital art, this might feel different from what you’re used to, but it does have its own advantages. Perhaps the biggest one is that, unlike when you paint with your usual art materials wherein every stroke is practically permanent, digital painting allows you to undo, redo, or even start from scratch.

This workshop employs a bare-bones technique of digital painting; all you will need are a photograph and good ol’ MS Paint. It’s perfect for beginners - no need for a tablet or stylus - making it highly accessible to anyone who’s new to the craft.

Digital Painting With MS Paint

In this Rebel Stepz class, you will create an abstract self-portrait. Using a portrait image as reference, you will learn how to digitally paint over it to create an abstract aesthetic. Once you get the technique down, you can digitally paint over any image you want, from still life art and petscapes to Bob Ross classics with the happy clouds and everything!

At the end of the class, you will come away with your very own digital artwork that you can print and display at home, give to someone as a gift, or share with the world should you choose to showcase it at the Bendigo Bank exhibit.

Moreover, you will have the complete skillset to experiment with style, form, and composition with later works. Jump on this rare chance to share a piece of your creative self with the world!

Got MS Paint, will travel. Book this digital painting class now!

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