5 Easy Baking Recipes for Kids

Start ‘em young, get ‘em hooked - on preparing their own delicious snacks!

Creativity 5 min read Jun 18, 2020

Baking is always a fun and handy skill to have, especially when you learn it very early on. Children who learn how to bake at a young age only get better through the years, and for some, it might even turn it into a lifelong passion.

To get them started, here are 5 simple baking recipes that your kid can start to master right now!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is always going to be a classic snack for kids, and nothing comes close especially when it’s baked perfectly and served with a nice, tall glass of milk. Even grownups love it!

Chocolate chip cookies are a really simple bake and kids will enjoy whisking and preparing the mix. As an alternative mix, you can also opt to use wholemeal flour and rolled oats, to make it a much healthier snack. Plus, the slow release of carbs will keep your kids full until the next mealtime.

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And because baking can be addictive, here are a few more recipe ideas for your next mum-and-me kitchen project:

Gingerbread Men

Planning a Christmas in July party for the little ones? Well, it’s not a real holiday party without your traditional gingerbread men! They’re a treat to eat and also to make, as kids watch them come to life in the oven. Of course, the most exciting part here is using icing to decorate the gingerbread men. They can experiment with gumdrops, jelly beans, and other decorative ingredients like chocolate syrup to dress up your gingerbread men.


Muffins are another perfect way to introduce your child to baking. They are very easy to make and will provide a full baking experience without the need to use a stove.

You can even make fruit-based and sugar-free variants, so it can be a healthy snack, too. The natural sweetness of apple, strawberry, blueberry, and other fruits of your choice will give it that sweetness without having to use a lot of processed sugar.

Brownie Cake

If you’re looking for a little bit of a challenge, chocolate brownie cakes are a popular dessert not just among kids, but adults as well. Have your young ones help in melting the mix of butter, sugar, and chocolate syrup in the pan, and let them watch and learn how to work a stove with your supervision. Brownie cakes go well with custard or ice cream, making it absolutely irresistible for those with a serious sweet tooth.

Banana Cake

Banana cakes are very tasty and actually quite easy to prepare. Just mash a couple of bananas, mix it with flour and other ingredients, chuck it in the oven, and you’re good to go! You can choose not to use sugar when making banana cake if you want; the sweetness of the banana and syrup will do the job.

A couple of tips: If you like your cake extra-sweet, try using extra spotty bananas. And then, for extra flavour, why not add some cream cheese for frosting?

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