Celebrate Mother’s Day in a New Way in Sydney

Treat every superwoman in your list on Mother's Day.

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019

Mother’s Day is almost here and it’s time to thank mums for all they’ve done throughout our lives. And because she deserves the best: we’ve collected the top Sydney classes that will keep mum engaged in the best way possible: from artisan baking classes to hand crafting workshops, to gardening courses and fancy wine tours. Each mum is different, but whichever her interest, each class is sure to surprise her with an unforgettable experience to be enjoyed at her leisure throughout the years to come. Some classes are offering awesome limited-time offer discounts, so be sure to spot the coupon codes below!

1. The art of procraftinating

Get Mother’s Day right for sure by signing her up to a crafting class - because there’s always an inner Martha waiting to be inspired in every momma. The best thing about crafting or DIY classes? You get to keep all the fabulous pieces you’ve created. If mum doesn’t mind getting her hands a little dirty (which we’re half sure she doesn’t) pottery is becoming the trendiest thing right now. Pottery is the new yoga, and there are a multitude of mind-clearing benefits to this craft. So drop the phone and sign up for a single or multi-session class to get in on this trend. Tennyson Studio offers a one-day introductory, as well as a 4-week beginner course. (Bring-a-friend promo available)

There’s a variety of other fantastic options to choose from: Work-Shop’s traditional Japanese fabric dyeing that could make for fabulous decor and clothing, a fun one-day ring making session by Squarepeg Studios where she comes home with a unique silver ring of her design (CODE: mumsday10), and another jewellery making class where she can make bold pieces using resin by Candu Creative.

For the mum in your life who doesn’t know what to do with a thread and a needle, sew her the perfect present by gifting a seat in an introductory sewing class. Pick between either a skirting class by Sew Make Create or a basic trouser making class by Studio Faro. (CODE: mumsday10) Or choose both!

2. Get to baking

If mum once dreamed of going to pastry school, or she simply wants to become a better baker, then whisk her away to her patisserie fantasies by signing her up for these baking courses. Unlock the mysteries of artisan bread making with Brasserie Bread (CODE: provenance), or learn to make an elegant ending to any meal by mastering French desserts at VIVE Cooking School (CODE: vivewtm). The best part? Mum’s not going to be the only one reaping delicious rewards from signing up.

3. For the wine mums

Is your mum a ‘wine mum’? Don’t worry - we aren’t judging. For anyone who’s had to face the everyday challenges of motherhood, deserves a glass of wine today. Or wine classes, if she so pleases. Get mum in a good mood for at least a fortnight by treating her to a 2-week sommelier class by Prince Wine Store. Choose between the French or Italian course variety - both offer a rewarding wine experience she’s likely to have. Another way of expressing your gratitude through wine? Spoil her with artisan wine and cheese pairings at McIntosh & Bowman.

4. Sharpen her knife skills

We know how much you love mum’s cooking and if you think she might just be the next master chef, put her skills to the test by booking her into some of Sydney’s best cooking classes. Want to spend Mother’s Day with a Spanish flavour? Learning to cook Spanish tapas at VIVE Cooking School might just fit the bill (CODE: vivewtm). For an Italian inspired learning experience, share memorable times making traditional rustic pasta at Work-Shop. Hungry yet?

5. Give the gift of dance

Let things spice up a little and bring mum to a dance school (or two!) on her special day. And even if you might have to drag dad to the dance floor, we promise it’ll turn out to be a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day. She might like the idea of learning the elegant art of flamenco dancing at Flamenco Australia, or she could also opt for this beginners hula hoop class for a hoopla of family fun at Dance Central Sydney.

6. Improve her photo game

Raise your hand if you’ve experienced losing precious family memories because your parents take weird, blurry photos when you get together. 🙌🏼 Save your mum from producing any more badly taken photos by enrolling her to a photography class. The Aperture Club hosts workshops that will take you through the streets of Sydney and teach how to capture fab photos even while on the move. (Just for May and June, she can bring a fellow shutterbug for free!) Sydney Photographic Workshops, on the other hand, will teach in one full day on how to confidently shoot portraits.