Live via Zoom! 8 Exciting Kids Classes This Spring

Creative ways to spend the school holiday at home

Creativity 5 min read Mar 24, 2021

Spring has sprung! Time for schoolchildren to play in the sun, up to their usual tricks with their best mates. But these are curious times, when folks, including the kids, have no choice but to stay indoors. And we know what that means: energy overload!

We’ve got just the thing for our overexcited tykes. Let’s channel all the zeal, zest, zip, and zing into creative works of art and more - live via Zoom!

Write a short story

In Interactive Story Time by Rebel Stepz, art and literature appreciation combine in one class, guaranteed to have your children tapping into their creative potential.

Participants will work alongside a Melbourne-based writer and create their own stories, illustrations, and rhymes based on “Pacific Black Duck”, a short story by Lisette Drew. This workshop is both creative and educational, and encourages children to unleash their imagination and develop early skills in the art department.

Draw graffiti style names

Cool graffiti skillz are da bomb, and Artea’s graffiti-style drawing class is here to drop some real knowledge on our younglings, fo’ shizzle.

This fun Zoom workshop will teach your kid how to draw (NOT spray paint) their name in graffiti style, complete with wild colours and heavily textured lettering techniques. Reservations usually sell out quickly, and word on the street is it’s a great class for overactive kids.

Paint a watercolour dog

If your child has been bugging you to get them a puppy, maybe you can book them in this Rebel Stepz class, instead. Live via Zoom, they will teach your kid various watercolour painting techniques and guide them step-by-step in making a cartoon-esque, cute little doge from scratch. Not the same as getting a real puppy, but guaranteed to get your child watercolour painting for days.

Draw Batman

Here’s everyone’s favourite superhero: It’s the Batman!

Rebel Stepz will walk attendees through the process of drawing the Caped Crusader on a large sketch pad. They will learn to use pencils and texters, paints, or coloured pencils. And if time still permits, there might be time to draw Batman’s femme fatale counterpart, the Catwoman. To the Batcave!

Meet farm animals

Kids, get your chance to meet your favourite farm animals online in RSPCA Victoria’s holiday program.

Your child will learn all about the rescue stories of the animals in RSPCA’s barn, from horses, cows, sheep, goats, and chickens to dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Animal experts from the RSPCA team will also be there to engage our little animal lovers and quench their thirst for knowledge about farm animals.

More fauna fun: learn about native animals online

Nillumbik has 342 beautiful native animals inhabiting it, and there’s so much to learn. This free one-hour Zoom class will introduce your child to all of them.

It will also tell you how to help Nillumbik’s native animals, by building habitat gardens, planting indigenous plants, and installing nest boxes. And this is an important life skill at any age: Learn what to do, if you ever come across an injured animal. This class is entirely for free, but you may donate to Vets for Compassion, if you’re keen to support the cause.

Learn music

Passion for music is a beautiful thing to share, and this class lets you do just that. A professional music teacher at Leading Note will guide your child through the fundamentals of music (beat, pitch, and rhythm), as well as develop their motor skills and adopt soft skills such as teamwork and literacy. Suitable for budding prodigies up to five years old.

And last but not the least: Draw Harry Potter characters

Learning to draw is hardly magic, but with all the swishing and flicking, it can certainly feel like it! In this 90-minute art class at Artea, your child will learn how to draw their beloved characters from the Harry Potter series, as they relive the different twists and turns in the life of our Hogwarts hero.

An expert art teacher will guide your child step-by-step on how to draw his or her favourite witch or wizard, like Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger, and Ron Weasley. And so, if your child is a solid Potterhead, this is a must-attend.

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