Fun with Farm Animals!

RSPCA Victoria has prepared something special for the kids this spring break

Creativity 5 min read Sep 15, 2020

Finding activities for your child during the school holidays can be a challenge. After all, you want them to have fun, be safe, and perhaps learn a thing or two along the way! And then there’s the added pressure of lockdown restrictions for Victorians.

In a coup for young animal lovers, RSPCA Victoria has reimagined its holiday program to ensure young students can continue to stay engaged with animals while learning about animal welfare during the break. This September, it’s replacing its popular onsite classes at its Burwood facility with a brand-new, virtual offering for children between the ages of five and thirteen.

“While we can’t invite students to the RSPCA Education Centre and Barn during the COVID restrictions, we can still bring animals to you through the magic of technology,” says RSPCA Victoria’s School Holiday Program Coordinator, Emily Constantine.

RSPCA Holiday Program

This holiday break, from 21 September to 2 October, there will be live classes conducted via Zoom, Mondays through Fridays. Students will be invited inside RSPCA Victoria’s working barn where they will get to meet the friendly farm animals. Think horses, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, dogs, cats and more!

They’ll get behind-the-scenes tours on Zoom, learn about basic animal care, and hear about the rescue stories of some of the animals, including Gus the Pony and April the Cow.

Students can also ask questions in real time, to be answered live during the sessions. According to Emily, this live interaction adds an extra element of fun and engagement to the class.

“It gives our audience a chance to feel like they are really there,” she says.

To add to the excitement, students will be able to participate in special “show and tell” sessions at the end of each week.

The classes will run for 30-40 minutes each day. That means your child will have hours of entertainment over the two-week holiday period.

These classes all have the aim of helping educate young people about the importance of caring for animals. Emily added:

Our educators aim to explore with our students the similarities we share with animals. Our needs and feelings overlap, and we are not too different from one another. If RSPCA Victoria is to achieve its vision of ending cruelty to all animals, we must continue to seek out ways of removing the division between us and them.

RSPCA Victoria has trialled similar virtual classes earlier this year to great success. As Emily shared, the virtual interactions have provided much more than just educational activities for children during the global pandemic.

“Animals provide much needed comfort and entertainment…whether it’s our own pets snuggling with us on the couch or when we tune into watching our favourite cat video on YouTube. Our education programs have been able to go one step further in bringing students into the lives and daily care routines of our animals through video conferencing technology like Zoom.”

RSPCA Victoria’s September School Holiday Program will run between 21 September – 2 October. It costs $35.00 per week, or $60.00 for both weeks.

Don’t miss out! Book your young animal lovers into RSPCA Victoria’s live online class before spots run out.

Have fun with farm animals at RSPCA!
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RSPCA Holiday Program

RSPCA interactive and online these holidays!