Jason Penfold: Entomology as Art

Making fine art out of butterflies, moths and arachnids

Creativity 3 min read May 06, 2021

Artist Jason Penfold has always been intrigued by the natural world. He explored the outdoors in country NSW as a child, and later as a fine art student, as he experimented with painting, drawing, ceramics, and sculpture.

It was in Melbourne that Jason discovered the delicate art of entomology. Completely self-taught, he started out by learning to pin, preserve, and frame butterfly and moth specimens. In time, he was able to develop new ways of working with exoskeletons and create beautiful, small-scale sculptures. Today, Jason shares his creativity and knowledge through classes and workshops at Violet Eyes Entomology studio.

Jason has also just unveiled Pearls of Wisdom, his third art collection. It is a celebration of Jason’s own personal journey of mental transformation, emotional restoration, and determined perseverance, as well as the human spirit’s ability to overcome any obstacle and challenge.

Come and meet Jason Penfold and learn how you, too, can preserve butterflies and moths at Violet Eyes Entomology!

Beginner Entomology

Violet Eyes Entomology Studio, 1 Langridge St, Collingwood VIC 3066
Sat, 14 Aug 9:30AM (AEST)
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Spiders and Scorpions

Violet Eyes Entomology Studio, 1 Langridge St, Collingwood VIC 3066
Sun, 15 Aug 9:30AM (AEST)
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Create art with winged insects!
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Beginner Entomology

Introduction to butterfly and moth pinning.