Make Your Own Ceramic Bunting

Put Your Heart Into It share this great eco-chic tutorial - perfect for your next special occasion

Creativity 4 min read Mar 24, 2021

At PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT, we specialise in sustainable workshops & events. When it comes to celebrating someone special, we love to hand make gifts and decorations with a whole lot of love and very little impact on the earth.

We believe beautiful decorations to celebrate a special occasion doesn’t have to take away from or impact our earth. In this tutorial, we make some decorative bunting. It’s simple, fun to do, and the end result is oh so sweet!

Follow these steps to create a DIY clay garland.

What you need:

Air drying clay from a local art and craft store
Rolling pin
Smooth surface to create on ( marble bench top or chopping board )
Cookie cutter ( round )
Brown twine

Step 1

Warm clay up in your hands by rolling it into a ball.

Step 2

Roll clay out like you would pizza dough with even pressure and in different directions to create a round flat shape.

Step 3

Cut out round shapes with cookie cutters. Make sure you count out how many pieces for what you want to say plus an extra one for each end and the middle.

Step 4

Smooth out the edges.

Step 5

Push a hole a through for string with a chopstick. Make sure not to create a hole too close to the edge. It will take 24 hours to dry. After 12 hours, turn each shape over and press flat so that your shaped don’t curl during the drying process.

Step 7

Once they are dry you can write or paint on them with most types of pens, textas, etc. Another option is to use stamps & ink to add additional patterns. You can also write an additional message or quote on the reverse side for another upcoming event like a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion and reuse the same decoration time and time again.

Step 8

String them together. You can add beads, decorative ribbons or any kind of flair you wish. Hooray! Your garland is complete.

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