School Holiday Arts & Crafts in Melbourne

Last-minute creative activities for the kids - and for parents, too!

Creativity 5 min read Apr 13, 2021

Can’t believe the school break is almost over. But it’s not too late to have some holiday fun!

We’ve put together some last-minute arts and crafts activities in Melbourne for the kids to enjoy, right before they have to hit the books again. Even better, parents, why don’t you tag along and pick up a new skill yourself?

Paint ‘til you drop

Painting by hand is an old medium that’s withstood the test of time. And for good reason – it’s a lot of fun!

From making an outline to filling in the shapes and spaces with fantastic colours and media combinations, painting can be very rewarding. The thrill is all in the anticipation of the final product.

If you think your child has an artist in them, there’s no better way to spend the rest of the school holiday than by introducing them into the world of painting.

Whether it’s giant mushrooms growing through the city streets or wacky and your favourite fruit in ink, kids just can’t help pouring their imagination onto a piece of canvas. All they need is that small boost to start. Don’t pass up on this opportunity!

Draw from the imagination

Paper is free real estate in which kids can experiment and find their creative style. It’s an investment in the future, as they develop lifelong cognitive skills in the process.

During this school holiday, drawing can be one of the best hobbies a child can try. It allows them the space to let their imagination run wild, no previous experience required! Think about it, just give a child some paper and a pencil, perhaps some oil pastel colours to liven up their drawings, and any child will start to draw, without a second thought.

It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give to your child. As a bonus, if they’ve seen the popular Japanese movie My Neighbour Totoro from Studio Ghibli, there’s a fantastic class where they can learn how to draw Totoro, Satsuki, and Mei – and it’s all done via Zoom.

Build stuff together

Kids are curious and love getting their hands dirty. But if they learn how to operate a few tools (under close supervision, of course) and find out how certain materials work, who know what kind of artwork they can show the world?

Take clay, for example. A child can handcraft a ceramic plate, pinch pot, or bowl – no pottery wheel needed! – in one afternoon. Something they can definitely do with mum and dad.

Or perhaps, kids can create their first-ever piece of manifestation jewellery, something they’ll treasure forever, to remind them of the time you spent together on one school break. It’s a fantastic way to spark that crafty, creative passion in them.

Use this precious time to inspire and develop your child’s creativity and let them learn something new, while having lots of fun in the process! And who knows, you might also learn a thing or two yourself.

Whether it’s painting, drawing, or making stuff out of clay, kids can pick a class and choose their own special adventure.