Top Creative Getaway Ideas Outside Melbourne

When planning your next trip from the city, add these to your itinerary to get the best out of your getaway.

Creativity 4 min read Sep 28, 2019

Looking for creative ideas of things to do outside of Melbourne? There’s so much to see, do and learn in regional Victoria, with its many scenic routes, spectacular coastlines, wander shops, produce markets, that you might not even know where to start! To help you along, we’ve put our noses through the paces to find you the best things to do and learn when you’re out in the country for a holiday.

Bread Baking Workshop by Redbeard Historic Bakery (Trentham)

More and more people are finding sourdough bread to be an important staple in their pantry. It’s good to have with almost anything, and tastes delicious even when unadorned. Wild fermented sourdough bread is also much healthier than most other breads. If you’re out in the country with some down time, why not try to learn how to make bread the old fashioned way? Just one bite out of a wild sourdough bread will tell you it was truly a labour of love. And trust us, nothing else will make you feel more accomplished.

Where: Redbeard Historic Baking Room
When: May 21st & 28th, June 4th & 18th
Cost: $300

Geometric Basic Square Cake Class by Bake Boss (Bendigo)

To produce gorgeous looking cakes, one must master the foundational skills. One such skill is knowing how to ganache a cake with sharp edges. In this 4-hour workshop, you will learn the modern and artistic techniques to make perfect sharp edges on cakes, so you can then apply them to any cake creation masterfully. You will come out of class with a beautiful “Geometric” themed cake finished with metallic accents.

Where: Bake Boss Bendigo
When: July 23rd
Cost: $149

Midweek Soy Candle Making by Soy Candles (South Gilborne)

If you’re going away on a weekday, there’s a creative class awaiting you. Soy candles are becoming a very big trend in the movement for candle crafting. And why not? They’re pretty, natural, renewable, and making them is such a fun, relaxing and rewarding hobby. Join and bring home hand poured creations which can make great additions to your home or lovely gifts for friends and family.

Where: Events Victoria
When: May 17th
Cost: $110 (Candle Making), $150 (Candle Making w/ take home), $150 (VIP student + premium glass), $90 (Bring-a-Friend fee)

20% Discount Available. Use code: mumsday20

Soap Making For The Beginner - Melt & Pour Soap with Soy Candles (South Gilborne)

Learn how to make little scent bursting masterpieces and discover what makes soap silkier and smoother in this tried and true workshop where you can learn to become a soap making master! You’ll understand what it is that makes soap, how to customise them, practice the traditional methods of soap making, and get a hands-on experience that’ll have you producing a selection of beautiful and delicious smelling handmade soaps to take home with you.

Where: Events Victoria
When: May 21st
Cost: $110

20% Discount Available. Use code: mumsday20

Make Your Own Skincare Workshop by Castlemaine Community House (Castlemaine)

If you’re a fan of handmade and natural products, paying an exorbitant price just to get your hands on them can be a major letdown. So why not learn to DIY your own? Whether you have incredibly sensitive/dry skin or you’re simply looking to avoid harmful chemicals, this one-day class will get you started in creating your own natural skin care products. You will learn to formulate your own lip balm, moisturiser and body scrub in no time at all.

Where: Castlemaine Community House
When: May 27th
Cost: $50

Basic Tango Class by Tango Gippsland (Traralgon)

The world of partner dance classes is robust, and it’s an exceedingly easy way to meet new and fun people even outside of the city. Fit yourself into the local favourite Tango to meet the most people and have the best time. This beginners tango class will teach you the techniques and concepts to ease you into feeling the pleasure of moving as a tango dancer.

Where: VRI Hall 18-20 Queens Parade
When: Multiple dates available
Cost: $25 (Casual Class), $100 (5-Class Pass + 1 Free)

20% Discount Available. Use code: mumsday20

Beginners Bookbinding Workshop by SB Libris (Bendigo)

Remember the awesomeness of a good-old fashioned handmade journal? You’ll be excited to know how easy it is to make on your own! Learn all about this age-old craft in the heart of Bendigo’s Arts Precinct. You will learn about bookbinding basics, including creating sections and hand sewing the book block. You will also make a quarter cloth bound hard covered journal with decorative paper sides. A lovely lunch, tea & coffee is also included.

Where: SB Libris
When: May 27th, July 29th, September 23rd
Cost: $300

Introduction to Leather Binding by SB Libris (Bendigo)

In an era of fast and cheap book production, nothing much lives up than a book with a leather bound finish. If you’re seeking that antiquated appearance to your favourite book, this hands-on workshop will teach you how. In one day, you will learn how to prepare leather for binding, create classic raised bands on the spine and try your hand at some decorative tooling. As usual, a lovely lunch, tea & coffee is included in the experience.

Where: SB Libris
When: May 28th, September 24th
Cost: $300

Meditation Course by Castlemaine Community House (Castlemaine)

Meditation can help you deal with a lot of anxieties in your life, but not everyone knows how to get started. There are a lot of benefits to meditation and mindfulness, which is exactly what this 6-week class will bring you. Meditation also helps in transforming our everyday into better, more meaningful and more fulfilling experiences. You will learn lessons and relaxation techniques to learn how to establish a regular practice of meditation to develop calmness, clarity and concentration while reducing anxiety and stress levels.

Where: Castlemaine Community House
When: May 19th
Cost: $60 (6-week class)

GetStuffed Gardening Workshops with Ian Onley at Reactivate Latrobe Valley (Morwell)

If you’re going to be out in country, it’s well worth it to make a stopover at the ReActivate Headquarters. They hold classes every Saturday teaching all about how to garden at home, in particular, how to grow plants, manage weeds and treat soils. The classes will take you to visit the marketplace, connect with local producers, and get a hands-on application of practical skills to a nearby plot of land.

Where: Reactivate HQ
When: May 13th, 20th, 27th
Cost: $5 (per session), $20 (all sessions)

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