Top 12 Fun Winter Classes in Melbourne

As the chills settle in in the city, come find the fun in the cold with this ultimate Winter guide on the best things to learn and do in Melbourne.

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to hibernate throughout the season. Around this time of the year, the city becomes even more alive with numerous fun courses and classes made especially for Melbourne’s winter time. From mastering how to make a variety of heartwarming dishes to learning how to construct cozy textiles, we’ve got plenty of ideas to have a blast in the winter season. So don’t just shiver through the cold - book a class, keep yourself occupied, learn something new and have a little fun along the way!

Winter Painting Escape with Shani Alexander

Shani Alexander’s Seasonal Painting Escape classes are designed to truly immerse oneself in the artist’s lifestyle and learn to create art the way the masters have. This season’s escape will take students through the beautiful Alowyn Gardens and learn to capture its radiance in the winter time. The 5-day class will consist of a plein air experience, studio painting, a gathering over local food, wine, music and hearty conversations. At the end of it, you come away with a beautiful hero painting you’ll be proud to hang in your wall.

Where: Alexander-Perry Colour My World
When: August 6th
Cost: $1,500 (5-day class, Instalment option available)

Watercolour Winter Harvest with Sarah Hankinson

Learn all about watercolour illustration from a leading fashion illustrator, Sarah Hankinson, as she teaches you the principles of watercolour painting and the fundamentals of still life drawing. The workshop is winter harvest themed - so you’ll be painting winter veggies like eggplants, carrots, crunchy and other leafy veggies. All this and more over a glass of bubbly and an array of delicious food!

Where: The Windsor Workshop
When: June 24th
Cost: $255 (Regular), $191.25 (50% off second ticket)

Introduction to Hot Glass by Blue Dog Glass

Glass blowing is making a comeback, and what better time to partake in this atypical art form than in the cold weather? If you’ve been curious, this class sets the perfect stage to learning the basics of working with molten glass and how to create a functional or decorative item. You will come away with four pieces of work, (2 paperweights and 2 simple vessels) that are sure to impress anybody.

Where: 6/9 Bradshaw St
When: May 20th & August 19th
Cost: $595 (2-day class)

Resin Homewares Tea Tray Masterclass with Candu Creative

Resin art is everywhere. It’s in your wall, it’s in your jewellery - and now we bring it to your kitchen! What seems like a really complicated process though, is actually easier than we think and in this workshop, Candu will teach you to cast a gorgeous abstract masterpiece onto a wooden tea tray. You will learn how to work with resin and pigments so you can continue to make resin masterpieces from the comfort of your own home.

Where: Candu
When: July 2nd
Cost: $180 (Limited-Time Price Offer, Original Price is $200)

Incense Making at Work-Shop

Incense making has a long and interesting history, which you will learn everything about in this weekend workshop. If you love the smoky scent of incense, you will learn to create your own under the guidance of incense artisan, Rachel Clutterbuck. Whether you want to add a unique character to your home or you just want to know more about this ancient tradition, be sure to book a seat in this special workshop.

Where: Work-Shop Melbourne
Cost: $110 (Regular), $99 (Bring-a-Friend)

Local Craft Gin Master Class at Bad Frankie

There’s been an explosion seen in craft gin over the recent years in Australia, and if you’re a drink connoisseur who’s been curious or you simply have a healthy thirst for gin, head on to this master class where you will engage in a fun experience learning about the gin distillation process from one of the key distillers in Australia. The best part of the master class, of course, is getting to taste the best variety of craft gins that Australia has to offer. It’s the perfect activity to stave off the winter chill.

Where: Bad Frankie
When: June 17th, August 26th, October 28th
Cost: $65

Kefir 101 at Curly Whiskers Food School

What exactly is kefir and why is it good for you? It’s a sort of “drinkable yogurt” that’s incredibly easy to make. And like yogurt, it’s packed with many healthy benefits, especially for your gut health. Intrigued yet? In this hour-long workshop, you will know more about what makes kefir a power beverage and be taught how to easily make this delicious, probiotic-rich and highly sustainable drink that you and your family can enjoy.

Where: Curly Whiskers
When: June 8th
Cost: $45 (Regular), $80 (Couple Ticket)

Safe Preserving Techniques: Preserving with Citrus at My Green Garden

The abundance of citrus in the winter time is not so much good unless you can enjoy it all year long. Well, now you can. Even if you have never canned a day in your life, this workshop will have you learning a variety of safe preserving techniques in just one day. The hands-on experience will involve making delicious marmalades, preserved lemons and citrus curds.

Where: Home of My Green Garden
When: July 26th
Cost: $75 (Regular), $70 (Early Bird)

Indian Home Cooking with Foodie Trails

Looking for a cure for the winter cold? Rich, exotic and traditional Indian home cooking is it. If you want to make the most of the season by learning how to make heartwarming meals, this class offers a hands-on experience on cooking up a complete menu - from the entree to a variety of side dishes. The workshop will focus on traditional Thali meals and the heritage behind it.

Where: My Other Kitchen
When: May 27th, July 29th, August 26th
Cost: $125 (Adults), $100 (Bring-a-Friend), $95 (Kids under 12)

Extreme Knitting Masterclass at Handmade Interior

Hooray, we’ve just found the perfect crafty class that’ll help us survive the winter. Join this masterclass and learn everything there is to know about the art of extreme knitting. With massive needles as your main contrivances, you will be able to produce a beautiful extreme knit throw made from Australian Merino Wool. Because as the winter chills settle in in Melbourne, we could all use a giant blanket or two.

Where: World of Style
When: June 3rd
Cost: $350

Brioche Knitting at Unwind Craft Cafe

Make producing fancy and complex knitting work your new winter hobby by joining this 3-day workshop by Unwind Craft Cafe. Called the “Brioche stitch”, it is a beautiful, ancient knitting technique that allows for many variations. The result? A very soft, stretchy, thick, fluffy fabric that’s beautiful to look at from both sides. In this class, you will learn to create a classic brioche scarf, or for the more daring, a knitted shawl.

Where: Unwind Craft Cafe
When: May 20th, June 2nd & 14th, July 4th & 12th
Cost: $150

Winemaker’s Dinners at Scopri with Fine Wine Appreciation

Wine tasting sessions can be fun to have under the warm rays of the sun, but they can be just as extraordinary to have during the winter season. Join Fine Wine Appreciation for a night of good food and handcrafted wines to pair, chat with winemakers and guests, and shoo the winter blues away.

Where: Scopri
When: June 6th
Cost: $180

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