The Best Classes to Go Italian in Melbourne

Experience the Melbourne life - Italian style.

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019

If you want to soak up in the Italian culture, there’s no shortage of it in the City of Melbourne. Making up the second largest ethnic community, Italians have found home in the greater part of the city and with that they gave us everything from pasta to ice cream. But what if we told you that being Italian is more than just pizza and pasta? Check out our list of Italian-themed classes and discover the richness of the basta! culture in a very fun, lighthearted way.

Italian Wine Course at Prince Wine Store

Italy has some of the most diverse and exciting types of wine to offer, and this accounts for the fact that Italian wines, albeit confusing, are also fascinating. Keen to make sense of it all? Explore the delicious world of Italian wine in this 3-week course, where you will learn about the Italian Wine Law System, and take part of a guided tasting of premium benchmark spirits from the many growing regions across Italy.

Where: Prince Wine Store
When: August 15th, October 3rd
Cost: $495 (3-Week Course)

Learn to Speak Italian at Centre of Italian Studies (Private Tuition)

Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn Italian, you’ll certainly learn to say more than just grazie in CIS’ quality Italian language classes. Are you struggling in regular classes or maybe need a crash course? Private sesssions are perfect for anyone who prefer exclusive and intensive tuition. Available in a one-on-one or small group setting.

Where: Sausages Made Simple
When: September 12th
Cost: $65 (1 Student/ 1 Hour), $70 (2 Students/ 1 Hour), $650 (1 Student/ 10 Hours)

From Milk to Cheese at That’s Amore Cheese

Spend a day with the masters of cheese learning to hand-stretch mozzarella, shape bocconcini and make the best ricotta you’ve ever had. This 4-hour dairy-packed workshop will introduce you to the Italian cheese making process, from using raw farm milk and transforming it into delicious cheese. Class includes a gourmet Italian style lunch and of course, cheese samplings!

Where: That’s Amore Cheese
When: July 22nd
Cost: $150 (Add this popular class to your watch list)

Cooking with Farro at Enoteca Sileno

If you’ve been wanting to add more whole grains to your diet, farro is a fine place to start. Know how to cook this hearty Italian grain perfectly each time by learning a variety of farro recipes in this weekend demonstration class. Enjoy the dishes over a glass of wine and take home the recipes so you can pull them off in our own kitchen.

Where: Enoteca Sileno’s Scuola di Cucina
When: August 19th
Cost: $85

Rustic Italian Feast with Matt Baker from Whe-Eat at CERES

Discover what Italy is all about - in the kitchen! Be part of an in-depth class with CERES learning the history and the intricacies of the rustic Italian cuisine, creating classic dishes, and just enjoying life the way the Italians do - with an abundance of good food, drink and company round the lunch table.

Where: CERES Community Kitchen
When: August 13th
Cost: $100 (Regular), $85 (Bring-a-Friend)

Melbourne Food Tour by Melbourne Food Experiences

Are you up for eating your way through vibrant and multicultural Melbourne? Join this fantastic food tour by Melbourne Food Experiences and discover food shops and culinary gems. The food adventure kicks off at Fed Square and as you go along, you’ll be tasting chocolates, patisseries, savoury Chinese food, Italian artisan gelato, cheese and finally finish off with a glass of wine at award-winning new restaurant, Supernormal.

Where: Federation Square
When: October 7th, November 25th
Cost: $125

Growing Food the Italian Way! at The Hungry Gardener

If you love the Italian cuisine, then you must know that great Italian food demands for fresh, tasty ingredients, and that learning how to grow your own traditional Italian garden is just the logical thing to do. Join passionate grower Fabian Capomolla, aka The Hungry Gardener as he introduces you to setting up your own veggie patch and growing tips to ensure the most delicious produce results possible.

Where: The Farm Yarra Valley
When: June 18th, July 23rd, August 20th
Cost: $68 (Regular), $55 (Bring-a-Friend), $105 (Workshop with Lunch)

Perfect Gnocchi Every Time! at La Cucina di Sandra

One of Italy’s most beloved pasta comes in many forms, and in this class, the lesser known hearty varieties will be explored and made from scratch to produce deliciously hearty dishes, with just a few simple ingredients and a little muscle. Indulge in a 3-course meal in Sandra del Greco’s beautiful Richmond home, with a complimentary glass of wine, naturally.

Where: La Cucina di Sandra
When: June 27th, July 25th, September 5th
Cost: $93

Sausage Making Master Class at The Artisan’s Bottega

Sausage making at home is a lost art, but it’s really not as difficult as it sounds. Making your own is also a guaranteed way to get the best tasting sausage for your palate. Want to know the secret to an authentic Italian and well-made link? This masterclass will share the details to this vintage craft. You’ll be making chorizos, fennel sausages, the “Lucanica” and more - plus get to feast on your freshly made sausages with equally freshmade bread and some wine.

Where: The Artisan’s Bottega
When: July 1st
Cost: $119 (Regular), $149 (2 for 1 Promo)

Italian Dinner Party at Bec’s Table

Italian is the perfect choice for a dinner party idea, because nobody complains about Italian food. There’s nothing like throwing an Italian dinner to make your guests feel like they’re truly feasting. Excited yet? Learn to make a total of eight impressive Italian recipes, from ciabatta, gnocchi to frittatas and more, while digesting a number of secret techniques from Bec herself!

Where: Bec’s Table
When: October 14th
Cost: $140 (Regular), $130 (Bring-a-Friend)

Make Artisan Pasta at My Green Garden

Homemade anything trumps anything - and the Italians and culinary artisans know this. Learn to make home made pasta that is impassioned, robust and utterly delightful using simple and fresh ingredients, as well as easy to master techniques. In this class, you’ll be making tender ravioli and cannelloni dishes which you will feast on and take home at the end of the day!

Where: Home of My Green Garden
When: July 2nd
Cost: $90

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