Watercolour Workshop at Put Your Heart Into It

Curious about the goings-on in a watercolour painting workshop?

Creativity 4 min read Aug 12, 2020

At a typical Put Your Heart Into it workshop, you can expect comfortable chatter, beautiful food and wine, and intense concentration on the craft at hand. Our watercolour workshop presented by Divya Bahukhandi offers the opportunity to practice a type of concentration that is mindful, gentle, and absorbs the painter in a creative flow. (Learn more about Divya here.)

“Watercolour is hypnotic, addictive, and almost meditative. It is a very spontaneous medium. And this very spontaneity almost challenges the artist to stay focused in the moment, resulting in a very authentic expression through mindfulness.” - Divya Bahukhandi

We teach the basic techniques of watercolour painting, provide our attendees with quality paper, brushes, and paints, and them let them run wild with their imagination.

We find that watercolour allows the artist to accept mistakes as part of the process. The paint, the water, and the surface combined offer endless artistic possibilities. We encourage students to surrender to the process, let go of perfection, and enjoy themselves.

“Creating art itself is an intuitive creative process and painting with watercolour is like learning how to put yourself into the creative partnership with water, paper, and the paint, and riding along with it.”

Our next watercolour workshop will be held at our studio on Wednesday 19 July. You can receive $30 OFF a General ticket when you book with the code THANKYOU30. See you there!

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