This workshop will give you all of the tips, tricks and advice you need so you can create beautiful professional vase designs for the home or office.

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What you will learn
  • You’ll learn the fundamentals of vase design as we show you short, long & round vase styles
  • We’ll also show you how different shaped vases can dramatically alter the visual effect of your design
  • Arrange flowers in vases the way professional florists do. Also learn essential care and maintenance to ensure the longevity of your blooms
What you will get
  • The most beautiful locally sourced blooms are supplied along with vases & all the materials & equipment required to create your designs
  • Aprons, towels & tools are supplied for your use during class
  • You’ll get to practice all 3 designs in class and also take your creations (including a vase) home with you
  • A special invitation to join our 'Budders & Bloomers Club' memberships exclusive to us
  • Free video demonstrations when you join our FREE Budder Club

What to bring
  • Just your enthusiasm!
  • Please wear closed toe shoes
What to wear

Whatever makes you feel good


Bloom College

Vendor since 2014

The Bloom College team is made up of highly qualified and experienced teachers in the floristry industry, with combinations of Certificate III and Certificate IV Floristry, as well as qualifications in Visual Merchandising and Business Management. Each teacher has decades of experience within the flower industry spanning all major disciplines and styles within it.

The Bloom College staff is also experienced in small business management and development, selling and marketing techniques, and developing and applying techniques to remain at the forefront of industry knowledge and trends. Their passion for flowers is evident in the designs they create. You will be inspired, engaged and guided by them.

Bloom College was created in 2012 by the founder & 3rd generation florist Yvette Timmins. Yvette understood the need for alternate ways to learn floristry and the art of arranging them.

The beauty of flowers is for all to enjoy, admire and feel. The energy of flowers can heal the mind, body and soul. Arranging flowers can be learnt with step-by-step instructions, but the therapy of working with flowers comes from using them intuitively. Let your student self learn the basics and principles of how to make arrangements, then allow your intuition and creativity to guide you as you use your new knowledge and skills.

Floristry can be used for commercial purposes and as a therapeutic craft. At Bloom College, we create courses and workshops for beginners, the hobbyist & professionals, so all can enjoy using flowers for their own purpose. Our classes are a place where participants have fun, meet new friends and find the inner creativity which we all have. Sometimes our busy lives do not allow us the time or resources for the inspiration to tap into it. We want you to simply enjoy, learn and share the love of flowers.

"I envisage a world where people include flowers as an essential element to their self fulfilment. The positive energy of flowers is food for our souls. My mission is to share the positive benefits of flowers along with the gifts that come from arranging them to all who are ready to receive."

- Yvette Timmins, Bloom College Founder & Director

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