Inner Peace for Troubled Times: This is a weekly class, you may come along as often as you like.

Learn how people use and benefi­t from Meditation and Spiritual Values in their day to day lives.
Weekly talks, workshops and presentations, starting and finishing with meditation.
Running 7-8:30pm every Wednesday. All welcome.
Please book with the BKCSL to let us know that you are attending.

*PLEASE BOOK with the Brahma Kumaris Centre directly (see below)

Phone: 5971 1599 or


For further details about the Brahma Kumaris Australia go to our websites: (our Frankston South, Vic) website.

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What you will learn
  • Meditate. Learn to calm and focus the mind in a positive direction.
  • Learn spiritual truths to enhance your life and of those around you.
  • For Weekend Retreats: specific knowledge and meditation practises
What you will get
  • A clear understanding of meditation and spiritual knowledge that you can apply to greatly improve the quality, sence of happiness and inner peace in your life.

What to bring
  • Note book and pen.
  • Voluntary contribution towards the cost of the program.
What to wear

Modest clothing befitting a spiritual environment.


Brahma Kumaris Australia

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Please note that workshops, weekend retreats and classes on this website are for the Brahma Kumaris CENTRE FOR SPIRITUAL LEARNING - 83 to 99 Stotts Lane, Frankston South, Victoria only. 

Phone: 03 5971 1599 or



About Us: The Brahma Kumaris Centre for Spiritual Learning offers classes and weekend retreats, in meditation, stress relief, spiritual awareness and positive thinking.  

In a world of increasing chaos and noise, there is a growing need for spaces where individuals can go and quieten the mind. The Centre provides a reflective environment. It is a place where one can detach from the daily pressures of life, re-energise the spirit, and reconnect with the inner self.

Retreats and day programs are provided as a community service and all courses concentrate on meditation and spiritual study.

From these weekend and residential retreats and day courses participants can develop personal skills and explore the common spiritual values essential to the restoration of harmony within ourselves and our world. As one participant described our Centre ‘as a health retreat for the soul’.

The sense of space and warm company provide a perfect environment for personal growth. The award winning Retreat Centre is situated on a 22 acre bushland property approximately 1 hour south from Melbourne.


Brahma Kumaris (BKs) in Australia   

Bringing spirituality to life

If you have ever wanted to learn to meditate, develop stress management techniques, feel calmer, make positive changes in your life or just feel a little more peaceful … the solution may be closer than you think.

Brahma Kumaris Australia, with over 50 teaching locations across Australia, offer people of all backgrounds an opportunity to deepen their understanding of universal spiritual principles and learn practical skills through a variety of educational programs.

A simple definition of 'spirituality' is knowing how to live with meaning and purpose.

Across Australia the Brahma Kumaris work with many areas of the community including: multi-faith dialogue, youth programs, healthcare, women’s and men’s groups, values education, indigenous and seniors’ programs.

Spiritual Retreats offered in Australia 

NSW:The Blue Mountains,The Illawarra,  Victoria:The Mornington Peninsula, & Queensland

The three Brahma Kumaris Centres for Spiritual Learning offer a variety of spiritual retreats to satisfy personal and professional interests. As well as weekend courses teaching the basics of BK Raja Yoga meditation, there are also shorter one-day, morning, afternoon and evening programs to promote effective and positive thinking, self-discovery and spiritual growth.

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Courses, Meditation Courses

The Brahma Kumaris offer courses in meditation and spiritual knowledge, as well as seminars and special events, facilitating personal development and inner change. All courses, seminars and workshops are offered to the public free of a set charge (donations are welcome) as a community service. The Foundation Course in Raja Yoga Meditation, described below, is available at BK venues on a regular basis. For information on other courses contact a location near you.

The Foundation Course in Raja Yoga Meditation

At the heart of the Brahma Kumaris teachings is The Foundation Course in Raja Yoga Meditation. This course provides a logical and practical understanding of the relationship between spirit and matter and the interplay between souls, God and the material world. The series of classes in this course facilitate the students’ inward journey based on their own personal insights and understanding.

Positive Thinking Course

For those who are not sure that they are ready for meditation but would like to understand the workings of the mind better, gain greater clarity and learn how to manage their thoughts, the Positive Thinking Course is a gentle introduction to meditation.

Workshops, Talks and Seminars by BK Teachers

Brahma Kumaris venues regularly offer interesting seminars and talks by local and visiting speakers, as well as workshops on meditation. Topics include anger management, stress relief, self-esteem and many other topics, aimed at bettering the quality of inner life. 

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Community Activities

The Brahma Kumaris offer their spiritual education programs and courses to a wide variety of groups within the Australian community. such as the Performing Arts, the Visual Arts, Academics, Business, Health, Education, Environmental Sustainability, Social Sciences and more. In addition, specifically tailored programs are regularly held for men, women, couples, families, youth, children and other interest groups.

The Brahma Kumaris are also active in interfaith work with representation in most states of Australia.

A new initiative of the Brahma Kumaris, Pasifika Peace, is aimed at serving individuals in the South-Pacific region.

Additionally there are several other BK interest groups which are very active in the community.

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Eternity Ink - Online Book Store

Eternity Ink, an associated entity of Brahma Kumaris Australia, publishes books, CDs, posters and cards to inspire and assist in spiritual growth and guide individuals to peaceful meditation experiences.

Easy to understand, affordable and beautifully presented, these products promote deep relaxation for beginners as well as more advanced content for experienced meditators. Positive thinking, meditation and values are the focus of Eternity Ink products. Topics include: meditation, personal growth, coping with stress, the meditation-health relationship and spiritual gifts. Browse Eternity Ink products online.

Make a Contribution

Believing that things of the spirit should be accessible to everyone, the BKs offer their facilities on the basis of voluntary contributions from individuals who feel they have taken personal benefit from attending BK courses and other programs.  For weekend retreats ask your Centre what is the recommended contribution.Additionally the Brahma Kumaris venues are run by many volunteers.

Contact Us - Brahma Kumaris Australia

Please note our retreat centres are known by the name:Brahma Kumaris Centres for Spiritual Learning

National Administration Office Registered Address: 77 Allen Street, Leichhardt, NSW 2040 Open: 9.00am to 5.00pm - Monday to Friday Direct: 02 9550 0543 Fax: 02 9550 0571 


Main Centres in each State / Territory:

ACT:  02-6260 5525

NSW:  02-9716 7066

QLD: 07-3368 2391

TAS:  03-6278 3788

VIC:  03-9417 4883

WA:  08-9388 6101

SA: 08-8338 4531

Spiritual Retreats Centres VIC – The Mornington Peninsula: 03-5971 1599

NSW – The Blue Mountains: 02-4784 2500

NSW – The Illawarra: 02-4630 8124

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Terms & Conditions

Make a Contribution

Believing that things of the spirit should be accessible to everyone, the BKs offer their facilities on the basis of voluntary contributions from individuals who feel they have taken personal benefit from attending BK courses and other programs.

Additionally the Brahma Kumaris venues are run by many volunteers.

If you are attending a weekend course at one of our Retreat Centres, ask the Centre for the recommended contribution that goes towards the running of the Centre.  All meals and accomodation is provided.

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