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Soy Candle Making with Frosa



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Are candles costing you more than they should? Do you love the atmosphere they create in your home? This hands -on class will give you the confidence to make your own soy candles, solve problems as well as allow your creativity to shine with the opportunity to create your own candle fragrance blend and colours. Participants also have the option of receiving an extended instructional Candle Making Workbook by email.

Frosa can show you how to make your own deliciously fragranced soy candles for a fraction of the price in this 3 hour hands-on class. She'll take you through the process step by step so you can confidently create your own masterpieces at home. Your home will not only smell great you will also have a money-making opportunity when your friends and family discover you new talent. Get ready for orders!

Frosa will also have starter kits which include wax, wicks, wick stickers and safety stickers for sale and extra jars which can be purchased by cash or card.

Trainer Bio:

Frosa Katsis  Owner Events Victoria P/L , EarlySettler Aromatherapy and Soy-candles.com.au. Candles,  soaps and, skincare products are their specialty focusing on natural ingredients. Teacher, writer, small business owner. Frosa has taught for over 20 years and love to show people how easy the process can be. Their hands on classes make results achievable without complicating the process and they like to make them fun and educational.

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What you will learn
  • Create your own soy candles, tealights and soy melts
  • Problem solve and create your own candle fragrance blends
What you will get
  • Students will make 5 jar candles and 5 tealight candles
  • Extended instructional candle making workbook

What to bring
  • 5 jars no bigger than 250 gms
  • Small box to carry candles home
  • Apron to protect your clothes and notepad and pen
What to wear

Closed footwear

Appropriate for

Wanting to learn how to make your own soy candles



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06 May 2019 • Soy Candle Making with Frosa

I love the class, since it's not a big class so mentor could cover all individuals.


01 May 2019 • Soy Candle Making with Frosa

Frosa delivered an informative soy candle making session. She was very through with her candle explanations, hands on assisting with the candle melting and provided us the do's and don't in making soy candles. The three hours session went by really quick and we are all happy with our candles.


05 May 2018 • Soy Candle Making with Frosa

Fantastic teacher! Highly recommend!

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