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Ladies Car Club - 4 Session Course



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Introduction to car mechanics and maintenance for women

Have you ever wanted to fix your own car? Have you felt you couldn’t ask questions about basic mechanics? Well this is the workshop for you!

Over four weeks you will be guided through the fundamentals of buying, owning and maintaining a car by trained mechanic, Petra Ohrt.

With no prior knowledge or experience necessary, this course will demystify car engines and general operation, and introduce the important tricks and tools of the mechanics trade to encourage women to be more proactive in learning about and fixing and maintaining their own cars.

Women often feel there aren’t opportunities to learn about basic mechanics and the workings of cars and this workshop aims to provide a safe, supportive and encouraging environment to empower women to take more control over the things they use and value daily

Over four x 3hr sessions, participants will be guided through a number of practical issues to identify common problems, with solutions that can be applied to most cars, vans and trucks.  These are issues that all car owners, or prospective drivers will face at some point in their driving life.

Come for individual sessions or book in for the whole program.

Session 1 – Introduction to Tools and Basic Mechanics

Includes; common terms and phrases, tools and how to use them, car interiors and general car operation, fuses and overview of the engine, preventative safety and checks for travelling distances, common DIY things you can do yourself

Session 2 – Car ‘talk’ and Engine Basics

Includes; identifying car parts and vocab, overview of engine and transmission, recognising engine parts, electrics, clutch, brakes and suspension, cameras, troubleshooting sounds and symptoms

Session 3 – Buying, Maintaining and Selling your car

Includes; car marketplace options, car options and styles, how to choose the right car for you, car inspection tips, roadworthy tests and registration, maintenance schedules, things to think about when selling a car

Session 4: Car Diagnosis and Maintenance

Includes; Troubleshooting potential problems and what you can do for common break-downs, tire changing, brake problems, belts, air filter, radiator leaks, wipers, sealers, lights and fuses, jump-starting, fuel problems, spark plugs, and general things that go wrong.

Each session combines theory, demonstration and hands-on practice, so participants will leave feeling confident they can trouble-shoot potential problems, approach basic car maintenance themselves, cope with emergencies, and be better equipped to deal with the car industry and mechanics.

Participants will be able to ask questions, share experiences, and put their learning into practice in an intimate and supportive women-only environment.

Come join the Women’s Car Club!

Trainer  -  

Petra Ohrt was born in a small village in Germany and grew up surrounded by mechanically minded and capable men.   She learnt to drive tractors from a young age, and apprenticed as a mechanic before studying mechanical engineering, coming to live in Australia in 2006. She is passionate about DIY mechanics and loves tinkering with and riding her bicycle and motorbike in her spare time.  She also enjoys German books and film, crafting, yoga and furniture restoration.

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What you will learn
  • Demystify car engines and general operation
What you will get
  • Hands-on learning
  • Handouts
  • Confidence in buying and maintaining a car

What to bring
  • Pen and paper
What to wear

Clothes you don't mind getting dirty

Appropriate for

Those interested in demystify car engines and general operation



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