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Start a Visual Journal: Watercolour & Inks

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We have all heard about the benefits of journaling - jotting down our thoughts first thing in the morning, making lists, creating affirmations and explorations of gratitude. Journaling can help us calm down, take stock and look to the future.

But the above mostly concentrates on the written word, keeping a visual journal can be equally powerful and immensely satisfying. Time can stop still when you are painting or drawing, there is no such thing as 'painter's block.' To get started you just make a mark on the paper. You can even start with your eyes closed!

Using watercolour, pen, pencil and vivid inks we will start your visual diary, concentrating on the area of 'observation.'

Taking natural organic forms as a starting point we will take baby steps with exercises to help you discover your inner artist and teach you some basic techniques.

Get your first few pages done in this session

You will explore materials

We will look at examples of visual diaries and journals and the world wide craze to make a visual journal

We will explore ways you can progress after the class, by unearthing what we respond to aesthetically and thematically.

No previous skills are needed just a willingness to try it! 

We will provide you with a hard backed small journal to keep and quality artist materials will be provided in class to get you started.

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What you will learn
  • Learn to work with watercolours, pens, pencil and inks
  • Study the form of visual journeys and the possibilities
  • Get started by observing and drawing organic forms
What you will get
  • All materials will be provided in class, and you will receive a small journal to take home and get your journal started

What to bring
  • You do not need to bring anything
What to wear

Wear whatever is comfortable

Appropriate for

Everyone, beginners and those that want to reignite a passion for making images and painting



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