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You keep flour, confectioner’s sugar and eggs as a staple in your pantry, just in case inspiration hits. You try a new product at your neighbourhood patisserie and automatically deconstruct it in your head. You’re a baking reality TV junkie and can’t wait to try every recipe from scratch.

That’s it. You’ve been bitten by the baking bug!

We’ve got every baking class in Adelaide to help take your baking skills up a notch. And if you’re looking to start your own shop, you’re in pretty good company, too. Cupcake Central, Bake Boss and Convent Bakery - these and other proudly Australian brands all call WeTeachMe home.

16 Classes found for Baking Courses


Silicone Mould (Clarence Gardens, SA)


Sat, 24 Feb 11:00AM
0.7 hours

Fruit Cocktail Cake Class (Clarence Gardens, SA)

Intermediate Fondant

Sat, 24 Mar 10:00AM
8.0 hours


Puff Pastry - Gluten Free

Transform dough into gluten-free puff pastry

Sat, 21 Apr 9:30AM
3.0 hours

Star Wars Kids Cupcakes (Clarence Gardens,SA)

Beginner Cupcakes

Thu, 19 Apr 10:00AM
2.0 hours

Easter Cupcake Class (Clarence Gardens,SA)


Tue, 27 Mar 6:00PM
3.0 hours


Mermaid Cupcake Class (Clarence Gardens, SA)

Beginner Cupcake

Thu, 22 Mar 6:30PM
3.0 hours


Unicorn Buttercream Cake (Clarence Gardens, SA)

Intermediate Buttercream

Tue, 15 May 6:00PM
4.0 hours

Canimal Fondant Round Cake (Clarence Gardens,SA)

Beginners to Intermediate

Sat, 28 Apr 10:00AM
5.0 hours

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