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They say, “Good things come to those who wait.” We say, “Good things come to those who hustle.” Want to learn how to dream big for yourself and make it happen? Here is where it all begins!

Start the habit of improving yourself with these expert-led personal development classes in Sydney for a more confident, happier, and successful you!

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Macrame • Snowflake

Learn how to make a Macrame Snowflake ornament

Wed, 28 Nov 6:30PM
2.0 hours
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from $100.00

Drink & Draw • by Andrina Manon

Learn Christmas Illustrations with Watercolour

Fri, 30 Nov 6:30PM
3.0 hours

Two Knives in Two Days

Make your own hand forged knifes

Sat, 08 Dec 9:00AM
6.0 hours x 2 Days
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from $70.00

Woolly Christmas ornaments • 10+

Learn how to make a range of Woolly ornaments

Wed, 12 Dec 10:00AM
4.0 hours

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