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They say, “Good things come to those who wait.” We say, “Good things come to those who hustle.” Want to learn how to dream big for yourself and make it happen? Here is where it all begins!

Start the habit of improving yourself with these expert-led personal development classes in Sydney for a more confident, happier, and successful you!

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Mo' Money, Less Problems

How to unstuck your income, savings and investment

Tue, 31 Jul 6:30PM
1.5 hours
from $59.00

Create your own vision board

live with intention & create your dream life

Sun, 07 Oct 2:00PM
3.0 hours

Invest like a Pro (Minus the Mortgage)!

Build a second source of income through investing

Tue, 28 Aug 6:30PM
1.5 hours

Relationships & Money

Making Money Work As A Couple

Thu, 19 Jul 5:45PM
1.8 hours

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