Composeright Pty Ltd

Composeright Pty Ltd

Buderim, QLD

Using ComWriter to Prepare Academic Writing

What to Bring

  • Your enthusiasm for academic writing & innovative technology
  • We are in a computer lab, but you can bring your laptop if you prefer

What to Wear

  • What you usually wear to Uni

Using ComWriter to Prepare Academic Writing

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to start & edit new writing projects
  • Learn how to add & edit research material
  • Learn how to find & apply academic styles to projects

What You Get

  • A new way of writing to academic standards


ComWriter is a fully-featured, cloud-based writing platform for academics and students that integrates disparate technologies (library, referencing, word processing) to enable efficient and productive researching and writing to academic standards using modern tools and pre-defined styles (patent pending).

This workshop is for academics and faculty to learn how to use ComWriter to prepare academic work (write essays, do assignments, manage a thesis, create course notes, etc.). 

Conducted by:

Dr Linda Glassop, CEO, Composeright Pty Ltd, AboutMe

Pam Mulready, User Experience Researcher, Composeright Pty Ltd

More information:

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