Team Building in the New Normal

Social distancing or not, there’s always a creative way to bond as a squad.

Find a fun team activity
Set the date
Find a day and time that works for the entire group
Pick a class or workshop
Select from various online and in-person activities
Get together
Turn up on the day and have a great time!
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Team image 2x
Build camaraderie with a shared experience.
With a strong sense of community, the team can stay together while being apart.
Learn together. Share a laugh. Lift team spirit!
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“WeTeachMe was a fantastic way to reward the team on work well done. One of our values is constant improvement, and so the learning nature of the classes are a perfect fit for what we live and breathe each and every day.”
Francesca Lloyd
“We did a bread class as a team bonding exercise. Not only was this a great way to get out of the office environment, it was a fantastic way to watch the team work together! The team can’t wait until the next class we do.”
Anna Williams
Some popular choices for team events Green underline
Virtual happy hour 2x min