Bellydance Veils workshop with Gypsy Rose

What to Bring

  • Water and a towel

What to Wear

  • Fitted or mid-driff baring top – something that will allow you to see the movements of your stomach to ensure you are doing the moves correctly. Comfy pants or skirt. A long silky scarf that can be tied around your hips. Bare feet.

Bellydance Veils workshop with Gypsy Rose

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Veil technique
  • Choreography

What You Get

  • New Bellydance skills


You will need to know the basics of belly dance technique including, hip drops, flicks, shimmies, figure 8’s and camels – this will allow us to warm-up and get right into dancing and learn how to layer other moves on-top of the basics. Expect to learn fast and exciting Veil choreographies in this workshop! 

Gypsy is a connoisseur of Bellydance. Her Lebanese heritage is reflected in her style and grace, which manifests effortlessly through the innate rhythm in her hips. Gypsy has been teaching and performing in Sydney for the past ten years and is a virtuoso in traditional Bellydance. Her passion for dance has also driven her into other styles including Jamaican dancehall, jazz and contemporary, and her love for flamenco has sent her to Spain for the past three years to further her training and education. With various styles of dance under her belt, Gypsy has evolved into a versatile dancer and captivating performer.

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