Need a hand in figuring out how to put that one project together? Have a technique that you need to learn? Want to enhance your skills but not sure where to learn how to do it? 

Then a private session with Dan may just be the answer. If there is something that you have been wanting to learn or improve then call us today to book in a one on one session! Each Private Tuition session runs for 3 hours. Tuition - $264 (inc. GST) + Materials - To be supplied by the student or pre arranged with the tutor for an additional fee.

About Dan Cox 

Director of DAP Jewellery School, Dan studied Gold and Silversmithing at Griffith University's Queensland College of Art, Graduating in 2008. He won the award for the "Most Comprehensive Body of Work" with his series of work on planes and was offered the graduate position at the Brisbane City Hall's Museum of Brisbane jewellery studio. In 2009 he started working for the Brisbane Institute of Art, building their jewellery curriculum from beginners through to advanced classes, as well as working for renowned Brisbane jewellery artist Barbara Heath. In 2010 Dan started working for Flying Arts, travelling regionally around Queensland teaching workshops to both teens and adults alike, in various forms of jewellery making. Dan is currently working for the Queensland Museum at the Cobb + Co Museum in Toowoomba, University of Southern Queensland, Moreton Shire Council as well as travelling to regional parts of Queensland to teach through various arts groups and council organisations.

Seeing the need for a facility in Brisbane that is inclusive of all types of jewellery, not only traditional silversmithing, but ceramics, felting, resin and more. 

Dan recently exhibited new work including painting, jewellery, sculpture, drawing, and etchings in a joint exhibition with Lynette Tilt called "TOPOLOGY". In 2017 he will be exhibiting works in repoussè at St Vincents Hospital in February as well as undertaking a residency at the Queensland Museum - Cobb + Co Museum between February and March. 

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Class Schedule

Classes run from Mondays to Sundays. Schedule a session anytime from 9:00am to 8:00pm. Indicate your preferred time in "Special Requests" during booking. Your teacher will contact you to confirm your schedule

What you will learn
  • Hand in figuring out how to put that one project together.
  • Technique that you need to learn.
  • Enhance your skills but not sure where to learn how to do it.
What you will get
  • Private session with Dan to provide you the answers.

What to bring
  • Your interest to learn!
  • Materials required for your lesson.
What to wear



DAP Jewellery School

Vendor since 2015

DAP Jewellery School (or DAP as we like to call it) is committed to educating hobby jewellers.  At DAP we use both traditional silver smithing techniques and modern concepts and materials. We strive to provide a comprehensive curriculum in the art of jewellery creation. Director of DAP, Dan Cox, has been teaching since graduating Queensland College of Art in 2008.  Dan has taught with organisations such as the Brisbane Institute of Art, Flying Arts Inc., the Queensland Museum, Woodford Folk Festival and the Moreton Bay Regional Council.  

There is nothing like DAP in Brisbane! It is your one stop shop! At DAP we cover everything from basic silver smithing techniques such as ring making, chain making and bezel setting, through to casting, resin work, felting, beading, small sculpture and more. Guest artists are invited to boost the curriculum and to share their knowledge with students. Courses including forming, recycled materials, precious metal clay, ceramics, leatherwork, glasswork, glass beads and more will be on offer! 

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS for primary and high school teachers are also available through DAP. If you are a teacher and looking for a way to include art into the curriculum, then contact us about our PD Workshops.  These workshops can help you learn how to utilise recycled goods, small sculptures and every day objects into your teaching practice.

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Cancelation & Refund Policy

Please note that the purchase of a course through DAP Jewellery School will only be refunded under exceptional circumstances. Course/workshop dates are set and in many cases may only be repeated once within a 12 month period. If you are unable to attend your designated class, a make up lesson may be possible depending on availability. This will occur during the term in which you have taken the course and no other term. It is the responsibility of the participant to arrange this with teaching staff. If you are unable to attend a class, 1 weeks notification is required. Any notification under a week will result in the class being forfeit by the participant. No monetary refund of classes will be given. We will try to arrange a make up lesson only. No credit toward future courses/workshops will be given. 

 Annual Membership -  Annual membership entitles the purchaser to access the studio 3 hours a month during teaching periods which run to the school terms only (January - December).  Access time is not accumulative. If you are unable to attend within the designated time periods you will forfeit the studio access time. Any part use of the access will be treated as a whole. Access time must be taken in a 3 hour block and not broken up throughout the month.

 Studio Session - Studio session allows participants to access the studio at their convenience with prior arrangement of times and dates. The three hour sessions can be used at any stage throughout the year, within the teaching period and only expire at the end of the teaching year. It is preferred that your studio session be taken as a whole (3 hour block) and not broken up as times and available may vary. 

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Terms & Conditions

All courses/workshops are subject to minimum numbers of attendees for courses to run. Minimum numbers are determined according to the type of workshop/course being run. 8 week and 4 week courses require lower numbers of enrolments to run. Workshops require a minimum of 3 participants to run. If a course does not reach the minimum number of participants to run you will be offered either a credit toward a future date for the class to run or full refund on your purchase. You will be notified of the date for the future course to be run at the end of the semester in which the course/workshop was offered. If you are unable to attend the future date given and wish to hold your credit with DAP Jewellery School, it is your responsibility to check course/workshop dates for courses/workshops you can attand. 

In the cancellation of your attendance prior to the course/workshop prior to the course/workshop commencing due to unforeseen circumstances, we will issue either a credit towards a future date for the course/workshop or a full refund of the course/workshop fees. All cancellations must be made 48 hrs prior to the course/workshop date. A cancellation after this time will incur an administration fee of $55 (inc.GST) plus any material costs which may have been purchased for the workshop. Non attendees of a course/workshop will not receive a refund if no notification of cancellation is received prior to the commencement of the course/workshop.If notification of cancellation is received on the day of the course/workshop no refund of course fees will be given. A credit for course/workshop fees will be held for attendance of future courses/workshops. If attendance of a future course/workshop is not possible, a refund of course/workshop fees minus administration and material costs will be given. 

In the case of 8 week and 4 week courses, if you are unable to attend any of the course dates prescribed in your course outline, you will need to arrange with your tutor a suitable time within the 8 and 4 week course dates to do a "catch-up" lesson. No credits for unattendance will be given. Missed classes will not be held in credit for future course dates attended. If you are unable to attend a class and cannot make up a class within the course dates offered you therein forfeit said class fo no credit toward future course dates. Catch-up lessons will be available upon request to your tutor and pre-arranged with DAP Jewellery School depending on availability of class times and appropriate attendance within the course structure. This may mean attending another level/class to enable you to make your catch-up class. 


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