Intermediate and Advanced Poi and PerformanceLearn advanced poi concepts, tailored to individuals, and the skills of choreography and performance,developing a performance for the end of term fire jam

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Class Schedule

Sundays 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

What you will learn
  • Intermediate to Advanced Poi skills tailored to individual
  • Performance and choreography training
  • Learn various tips & techniques for a complete learning experience!
What you will get
  • Expert tuition from an expert coach!

What to bring
  • Your enthusiasm!
Appropriate for

all ages [recommended 12+]

Dragon Mill - School of Fire Art, is a place to learn the arts surrounding fire performance. We offer an environment to learn and progress at any skill level in disciplines pertaining to fire art, Poi, Staff, Hoop, and more. Dragon Mill is the place for the fire community (both performing and nonperforming) to meet, and grow further.

We aim to continually refine and further the services we are able to offer - to include more fire performance skills, more directed training, and the best possible environment for development.

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Cancelation & Refund Policy

If for some reason you are unable to attend the remainder of a course - the remaining number of sessions can be credited to you for future courses. In extreme circumstances, if you are unable to attend future courses, we can refund you the amount attributed to remaining sessions. 

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