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Ellie Makeup

Melbourne, VIC

MAKEUP 101: The Secret Tips To Achieve An Amazing Made Up Eye

What to Bring

  • Yourself and your friends. Make a night of it!
  • Makeup Brushes - if you have any
  • Your Credit Card or Cash - we take both!
  • Tweezers
  • A Clean Face or wipes if coming from work

What to Wear

  • Whatever you like

Appropriate For

  • All women!

MAKEUP 101: The Secret Tips To Achieve An Amazing Made Up Eye

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • This workshop is tailored to the class. Order your tickets fast before it gets booked out! This workshop is a call back due to popular demand! Book now! Limited seats only. Once sold out cannot be re booked.

What You Will Learn

  • Take your eyes from day to night!
  • How to create the perfect smoky eye including shadow application, prepping the eye, brow perfect, amazing bleeding techniques
  • The art of mastering the perfect eyeliner, winged or not and applying fake lashes

What You Get

  • Drinks and nibblies to replenish all evening
  • Complete Makeup Booklet outlining Makeup 101 Session
  • Hottest Tips and Trends
  • Complimentary Fake lashes for all
  • 10% off all stock you purchase on the night


Fancy an exciting, practical ‘Girls Night Out’ with an edge? Why not gather a small group of your girlfriends and have some fun with make-up! Perfectly timed before Christmas to learn the importnat techniques of makeup application! Order discounted makeup on the evening! Great gift ideas for any woman you know!

Makeup can be intimidating if you're not sure about techniques, colours, or how to make the most of your features.

Learn the basics that every woman desires - all about eyes. The MAKEUP 101 Groups workshops do not get caught up in huge amounts of theory or background information. The workshop is designed to give you the tools you need to help you look your best all the time. The focus of this particular workshop is all all about eyes. 

These workshops have a hands-on approach and are designed so that at the end of the session you and your girlfriends will have total confidence in applying your eye make up, liner, brows and fake lashes and making the most of your individual looks! Elissa will demonstrate the tips and techniques on the model's face and you will be able to mimic the look to yours. All éllie makeup products are provided.

What makes Elissa’s MAKEUP 101 Group workshops unique?

Elissa is a qualified mentor and master educator with over 15 years experience in makeup training and education.

Elissa’s expertise in makeup will guide you to choose makeup colours, styles and products that suit you best. The workshops are subject specific, in this case all about eyes, but you are able to ask questions at any time and seek guidance whenever necessary.

Elissa can colour match eyeshadows, brow and liner products to your eyes and complexion and recommend éllie makeup products and colours that complement you.

Elissa will demonstrate to you makeup techniques that you yearn to master; how to apply fake lashes, choose the correct makeup products for you, how to apply a eyeshadow and an eye base, how to achieve a classics c smoke eye, how to blend perfectly and more. The possibilities are endless!

Elissa also holds one on one workshops and further details can be found on the éllie makeup website: www.elliemakeup.com.au. If you are looking to master one particular element, Elissa can help you by tailoring a makeup one on one workshop for you, whether it is fake lash application, base and skin analysis or focusing on eyes.

Even for the more advanced pupil looking to perhaps start a career in makeup, the MAKEUP 101 group workshops are available to you, where you can focus on specific requirements for different areas within the industry.

Ellie Makeup 101 Group Workshops will be held every three months or so, and each group workshop will be different so you can attend a session every time! Check the Follow Us Icon top right of this page to stay up to date of our next new workshops!

Each MAKEUP 101 ALL ABOUT EYE GROUP Workshop Includes:

  • Over 2 HOUR demonstration of makeup application techniques designed and catered especially to you such as
  • How to achieve the perfect smoky eye: a classic smoky eye vs. a full smoky eye, whats the difference?
  • A precise eyeliner: the perfect tools to use, different types of eye liner prosucts to work with. Winged Liner perfection
  • Blend the eyeshadow and precise colour eyeshadow application
  • 10% off any Ellie makeup products you wish to purchase during the Workshop 
  • Nibblies and drinks and good company
  • All éllie makeup products are provided for your use on the night

Come alone, with a friend or group! From Beginner to Advanced, MAKEUP 101 ALL ABOUT EYES is for you!

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