Melbourne, VIC

Emulsion Lift Workshop with Miun

What to Bring

  • Emulsion lift over materials, example :- wood, glass, cloth, note book or others. (If you want to bring your own meterial)

What to Wear

  • Casual

Emulsion Lift Workshop with Miun

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Polaroid photography
  • Emulsion lift
  • Explore the potential of creating different art using Polaroid as a medium

What You Get

  • Heaps of Polaroid knowledge
  • A pack of The Impossible Project Black and White Film (Worth $32 each)


Miun is an artist who expresses the norm in her own language. Known for her creativity and experimental spirits, Miun’s unpretentious works speak of metaphoric imagery and unorthodox identity.

Miun has worked with different medium including flowers, which gained recognition with her participation in the international annual of floral art 2010/2011 publication. Faces, another project of hers was featured in Hands On: Interactive Design in Print (2012) with 83 other artists and design firms worldwide.

Her current artwork, Beneath the Surface was invited by FilmNeverDie as part of the Polaroid Resurection Exhibition, used Impossible Films to push the boundaries of her creativity and explore the fine line in between.

Now based in Singapore, Miun enjoys living in the cosmopolitan city which inspires a new way of introspection into our modern world.

Program Outline: (2 hours - 2 1/2 hours)

Introduction about Miun’s art work and Note: 

  • shoot some picture in the shop or using instant lab

  • 45mins

Participant can choose to bring their own old film to do emulsion lift

Participant can also bring their own material surface that they want to emulsion lift over, example :- wood, glass, cloth, note book or others.

           Black And White Emulsion Lift

  • demo by MIUN

  • follow by participant

  • 45mins

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