Food by Holly Davis

Food by Holly Davis

Palm Beach, NSW

October 22nd. The processes of fermentation Part Two

What to Bring

  • Your enquiring mind

What to Wear

  • Casual

October 22nd. The processes of fermentation Part Two

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Make and utilise shio koji
  • Turn a sourdough into irresistible crackers
  • Make probiotic dressings and sauces

What You Get

  • Comprehensive notes and recipes
  • Delicious tastings
  • Confidence to recreate and expand your repetoire


This class is being held in Jude Blereau's beautiful home, all booking through Jude here

A 5 hour demonstration class, to explore and better understand where fermented foods fit in a wholefood life and how they support our overall wellbeing. Today will be for familiarising yourself with lesser-known techniques for culturing foods. This does not mean they are difficult to learn or to make, just that these are not the usual suspects. We will use the Japanese ferment koji (A beneficial fungi used in the making of miso, sake, soy sauces, rice vinegar and mirin) to quickly and simply cure vegetables, fish and meat and make delicious dressings. There will also be a naturally leavened cake and sourdough crackers and things for dolloping and dipping into. You will take home notes, recipes and the cultures you would like.

Cost: $185 per day or book together with a friend and save $10 each, pay $350 or If you book two people into part 1 & 2 the price will be $680  

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