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In 5 Element Theory Spring is represented by the Wood element. Wood energy is about inspiration, growth, vitality, being active, energised and moving upwards. The liver and gallbladder are governed by this element.

As the weather gets warmer and energies shift into Springtime we naturally gravitate towards new projects, growing and sprouting new things in life and lightening the load on digestion.

To look after the liver and gallbladder we enjoy some citrus and sour flavours, increase the variety and quantity of green vegetables, herbs, and cook differently to the other seasons.

Managing the transition of seasons well will have you feeling excited for new things and new beginnings.

Join our seasonal workshop incorporating cooking, food therapy & lifestyle choices to help support your health.

Holly & Kimberly both have a background in the kitchen cooking within the 5 Element framework from Chinese Medicine and Macrobiotics. They love sharing their passion for seasonal, functional food and food energetics.

Learn about what Spring means for us physically, for the organs, our mood, emotions and what foods, cooking styles and ingredients can help support you.

The day will explore:

  • The role of Spring, in the cycle of the 5 Elements, on our mind-body health
  • Applying knowledge of the 5 Element cycles of mood, emotions &     

Seasonal eating for Spring

  • Creating a relationship with nourishing foods, meridians & organ health
  • Cultivating health by "balancing life energies" from the kitchen with cooking and food choices

Cost: A$285 per person or $255 when you buy two places together


  • Lessons from both Kimberly and Holly
  • Gentle Movement - Qi Gong & Yin yoga, 
  • A grazing table lunch with dishes to suit all dietary needs
  • Detailed notes
  • Recipes for the dishes we make for lunch and more

Kimberly Ashton is a holistic Wellness Coach focusing on Chinese Medicine food therapy, author and Yin Yoga Teacher. She spent 16 years living in Asia where she co-founded China's first health food store, kitchen classroom and cafe. She is passionate about combining the wisdom from Chinese Medicine, the 5 Elements and modern day nutrition & lifestyle.

Holly Davis is a wholefood chef, author and educator. She aims to seduce people to better ways of thinking about, sourcing, preparing, and eating balanced wholefood meals. She teaches the what, why and how of cooking and eating irresistibly delicious foods, that happen to be good for us. Functional fermented foods feature in all her classes.


A Spring menu may include dishes such as these:

  • An artichoke dish
  • Kimberly’s green soup
  • Broad bean dishes
  • Asparagus two ways
  • Asian sautéed leafy greens
  • Sprouted seeds, grains and beans 
  • Toasted seeds (condiment)
  • Savoury steamed egg custard
  • Leather jacket & herb nori rolls
  • Nori no tsukudani a sweet and sour condiment
  • Amazake & kudzu pudding
  • Sprouted grains dishes
  • Brown rice/noodle dishes
  • Tempeh

All Images  ©Ben Dearnley

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What you will learn

  • The fundamentals of 5 Element theory
  • How to cook dishes to suit the season
  • How to create balanced meals to suit everyones needs

What you will get

  • A day to relax, learn, cook and eat
  • Recipes, detailed notes, hacks, tips and tricks
  • Starter cultures if desired
Parking Info

There is parking in the street, please respect the neighbours access to their driveways.

What to bring

  • An apron you love

What to wear

Casual clothes you can stretch and relax in & shoes to fully cover your feet

Appropriate for

Wholefood enthusiasts interested in nourishing digestible dishes

Food by Holly Davis

Vendor since 2013


Holly is an inspiring wholefood chef and educator. Born in London, Holly cut her teeth as a chef at Food For Thought in Covent Garden. She moved to Sydney in 1982 where she founded Manna, a restaurant inspired by her interest in Macrobiotic philosophy. She then co-founded Sydney’s Iku Wholefoods in 1985.                 

In her current business Food By Holly Davis she aims to seduce people to better ways of thinking about, sourcing, preparing, and eating balanced wholefood meals, by teaching them to make or feeding them, irresistibly delicious foods, that happen to be good for them.                 

Holly’s been a long time champion for the attainment of great health through the use of sustainable organic wholefoods; appropriate to the season, tailored to the needs of the consumer. Her cooking style uses traditional ingredients and embraces the dietary principles practiced by societies prior to industrialised food production. {Food industrialisation}                   

She has also been intentionally fermenting food and drinks to deliciousness for over four decades. Holly’s vision ‘to feed people love’ is expressed in her inspiring and informative cookery classes, her talks, through her articles and when she is catering or food coaching for private or commercial clients.                  

Her range of fermented vegetables, books and live or dried starter cultures are available at Northside Produce market and Carriageworks Farmers Market the first and third Saturday of the month




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Terms & Conditions

Our cancellation policy: Just like a concert or theatre ticket, if you are unable to come to class, the cost is not refunded, however you are welcome to send someone in your place. Under certain circumstances, with 72hours notice, a credit may be given for another class (This will be at the providers discretion and subject to the availability of other classes).

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