SCA Green Coffee - Intermediate (2 Days) from $990


The intermediate course looks at green coffee at a deeper level, and builds on the core vocational skills needed for those people who work with green coffee on a daily basis.

What you will learn:

  • The historical spread of coffee cultivation 
  • Other coffee varieties
  • Coffee development through mutation and selection
  • General species and variety identification
  • Suitability of species and varieties to climate and environment
  • The affect of altitude and environment on cup quality
  • Global production statistics
  • The difference between small holders and farms
  • Farming practices
  • Detailed picking and processing information
  • Seasonality and crop cycles
  • Grading systems
  • Coffee defects
  • Futures markets and contracts
  • Detailed transportation information
  • Differences between the various certifications
  • Methods of decaffeination
  • Equipment required for green coffee grading
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What you will learn
  • The historical spread of coffee cultivation
  • Other coffee varieties
  • Coffee development through mutation and selection
What you will get
  • Access to the world’s leading coffee education program
  • Detailed course notes
  • Participants who successfully complete the written & practical exams will receive internationally recognised certification, and earn points towards the SCA Coffee Diploma.

What to bring
  • Your interest to learn!
What to wear


Appropriate for

Pre-requisites: It is recommended that you have completed the SCA Introduction to Coffee, SCA Sensory Skills Foundation, and the SCA Green Coffee certification, before attempting this level.


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Our easy to understand, and practical Barista training courses are led by award winning, highly experienced, and internationally certified professionals.  We have Australia’s leading training facility, with state of the art espresso, brew bar, and roasting equipment located close to Melbourne’s CBD.  Our Barista training courses are ideal for new or experienced Baristas, as well as those who want to improve their home espresso. You can choose from a range of basic courses as well as internationally certified courses.  Our Barista training courses have practical detailed theory, and hands on components.  We also offer the world’s only internationally recognised coffee education program – The Specialty Coffee Association Coffee Diploma System. The SCA Roasting; Sensory Skills; Green Coffee; Barista Skills; Brewing; and Introduction to Coffee modules are now available for existing industry professionals, or those who aspire to work in leading Specialy Coffee businesses.

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