Learn how to get the best out of your home espresso machine. Our Espresso at Home course demystifies espresso in a practical and insightful 3 hour session.

We begin with an overview of coffee from bean to cup, and a tour of our roasting facility.

Participants are then comprehensively guided through grinder adjustment & dosing, espresso extraction, milk texturing & pouring, and equipment cleaning & maintenance. 

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Class Schedule

Classes are held during business hours Monday – Friday, and are limited to 6 people.

What you will learn
  • How to get the best possible result from your home espresso machine and grinder.
  • How to prepare silky milk, and pour the perfect cappuccino, caffe latte, or flat white.
  • An overview of coffee from bean to cup
What you will get
  • Comprehensively guided through grinder adjustment & dosing for optimum espresso extraction.
  • Hands on guidance for silky milk texturing & pouring.
  • Practical, and insightful training.
  • Tour of our roasting facility.

What to bring
  • Your interest to learn!
  • You have the option of using our commercial espresso equipment, or you can bring your own equipment so we can show you how to get the best results when using your own espresso machine & grinder
What to wear


Appropriate for

Anyone with a domestic espresso machine and grinder who wants to learn how to get the best possible result from their equipment.


Genovese Coffee

Vendor since 2016

Genovese Coffee has been in coffee for 3 generations, and we have over 60 years of experience.

Our easy to understand, and practical Barista training courses are led by award winning, highly experienced, and internationally certified professionals.  We have Australia’s leading training facility, with state of the art espresso, brew bar, and roasting equipment located close to Melbourne’s CBD.  Our Barista training courses are ideal for new or experienced Baristas, as well as those who want to improve their home espresso. You can choose from a range of basic courses as well as internationally certified courses.  Our Barista training courses have practical detailed theory, and hands on components.  We also offer the world’s only internationally recognised coffee education program – The Specialty Coffee Association Coffee Diploma System. The SCA Roasting; Sensory Skills; Green Coffee; Barista Skills; Brewing; and Introduction to Coffee modules are now available for existing industry professionals, or those who aspire to work in leading Specialy Coffee businesses.

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Cancelation & Refund Policy

We understand that in various circumstances, you may need to reschedule or canel your booking.

Courses may be rescheduled. Gift Cards are non-refundable.

Barista Fundamentals courses may be cancelled or rescheduled as per the following:

Refunds (less any booking fees) are available with a minimum of 7 days notice.

Minimum 48 hours notice - No rescheduling fee.  ($50 cancellation fee if less than 48 hours notice.)

Less than 48 hours notice - $50 rescheduling fee.  (No cancellations available with less than 48 hours notice.)

SCAE Courses, and Prepare & Serve Espresso Coffee Courses may be cancelled or rescheduled as per the following:

Refunds (less any booking fees) or rescheduling (without fee) are available with a minimum of 14 days notice.

However, due to the materials preparation for these courses, the following fees apply for cancellations or rescheduling within 14 days of your course.

Minimum 7 days notice - $100 rescheduling or cancellation fee .

Minimum 48 hours notice - $200 rescheduling or cancellation fee.

No cancelling or rescheduling is available with less than 48 hours notice.

Thank you for your understanding.

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