HG Coffee School

www.hgcoffee.com.au Regency Park, SA


HG Coffee School is a start to finish training solution, we equip our students with the tools they need to excel and develop their knowledge for ongoing learning.

Our dedicated training facility in Regency Park was purpose built with the learning experience in mind. Fitted with different state of the art commercial coffee machines, our students will identify the key elements and nuances of any machines they may encounter. This, coupled with our small student to trainer ratios set us apart from any other training facility in the state. HG Coffee School has been operating since 2009, born of a need to train high quality baristas in our own cafes, and our hands on approach to training ensures our graduates are entering the workforce with skills and confidence to match.

Our barista training process begins with basic operations of the coffee machine and grinder, working in a cafe environment and preparing the coffee menu. We continue with advanced training, which is designed for students to excel behind the machine.

Our advanced training includes barista techniques in hands-free milk, split pouring and an introduction to latte art designs with the option of undertaking a one-on-one latte art sessions or hiring a coffee station to practise in their own time. The rise in popularity of specialty coffee and alternative brewing methods has prompted us to deliver a comprehensive brewing course to equip our barista students with the understanding and proficiency in using specialty equipment.

To further prepare our students we offer our Responsible Service of Alcohol with an introduction to bartending - a necessary requirement to work on a licensed premises.

During all of our courses, our trainers instill a deeper understanding of the techniques, processes, and materials used to develop the capacity for problem solving in a high pressure environment that is demanded of the industry.

We are committed to training exceptional baristas who are ready to workand we promise to deliver outstanding training guaranteed!