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Yay its a Christmas Decoration workshop!

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You and your bestie will love the 2 hours you spend together creating a few truly fabulous and unique pieces of Christmas glassy decorations.  This workshop is for 2 (or sometimes 3) so come along with your best friend and have some fun.  

Everything you need to produce 6 unique Christmassy things that'll fit on a 31cm x 31cm kiln shelf.  

Its October and I'll be adding more images of the type of pieces you can produce as soon as I've finished the samplers for you.  

Usually items that hang on your tree or even sometimes a candle holder.  Everything is included in this one off price of $145 per person. You don’t need to bring anything with you – this is perfect for absolute beginners.  If you come with a friend you will get a discount. 

Your joyful and creative pieces will be ready for you to collect 7 working days after the workshop.  I'm always delighted to see people open their packages!  

During the workshop you will learn the basic skills required to cut art glass, we will talk about design for these small artistic projects.  

A variety of teas, mineral water, fortune cookies, coffee and often bubbly is available during the workshop.

Included in the cost is:

  • All materials used including 
  • loads of Christmassy coloured glass
  • any dichroic glass as required for your design
  • use of Studio tools
  • kiln firing
  • Cookies, tea, coffee, mineral water and sometimes bubbles as well! 
  • cold working and wrapping ready for collection.

This workshop offers you and your bestie, an enjoyable experience in a creative, fun and safe  environment where you’ll produce decorations to be proud of.

I look forward to seeing you at the Workshop.

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What you will learn
  • How to design some fabulous Christmas decorations
  • Basic skills required to use glass as an artistic medium.
What you will get
  • Everything to make a selection of Christmassy things
  • an introduction to the world of glass art
  • Use of all the appropriate studio tools
  • a fun time doing something different
  • coffee, tea & cookies
  • sometimes even some bubbly

What to bring
  • Just yourself and your enthusiasm!
What to wear

Please wear clothes that includes some kind of sleeve (not a tank top) Please wear closed toe shoes. (no thongs). You need to be able to stand securely on both feet for maximum success.

Appropriate for

Everyone who is over 18. Also you need to be able to stand securely on both feet in order to successfully cut art glass.


Jenie Yolland

Vendor since 2016

I’m like a kid in a lolly shop.  I am endlessly impressed and inspired – by the work of others, by colours and textures, by everything around me, man-made and natural! 

There’s so much to see, to interpret into glass!

I love it all. I love sharing it with everyone – that’s why I run workshops – it makes me happy and its my hope that some of this joy spills over to you as well.

I love my job.

You too can create graphic Mondrian-inspired bowls and platters and feminist invoking “Break The Glass Ceiling” pendants, brooches and sometimes earrings in these workshops.  You can create an artwork for your walls in the fabulous Heart Art Class. 

I love the clash of sometimes crazy and sometimes controlled geometry, that can see in my Paris Elegance series with its DNA centre design element. I suspect they indulge both the conservative and bold characteristics within.  These styles can be explored more in the Level 2 classes.

The relationship between the glass elements in each piece means no two pieces are exactly alike, much as no story is ever retold in exactly the same way, so is every piece of glass you create in a workshop. You can truly say, no-one else, anywhere, has one quite like it!  You'll also remember that giving a Gift Voucher is another uniuqe gift that expresses the value of your unique friendship.

Ultimately, I am sharing love. The love of life. Share it with me? 


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Cancellation & Refund Policy

If you book into an event and miss it, we can't reschedule or refund the tickets after the fact.  

Our classes take careful planning, seats are limited and we cut the glass and prepare the studio based on the number of people.  I run a small business and my margins are very tight.

  • If the event is more than 48 hours away, you just need to reschedule your ticket and a small processing fee of $5.50 is charged.  Please submit this form requesting a transfer to a new class Transfer Form or email me (glass@jenieyolland.com) prior to the commencement of the workshop. 
  •  If there is a last-minute change in plans (less than 12 hours' notice), then sorry you forfeit the ticket.  Alternatively, you can send a friend along and they can use the ticket in your name.  
  • If there was an extreme emergency, there are some cases in which we can make exceptions to this policy.
  • From time to time we need to cancel an event, in this instance we will notify you by email and text your mobile as well.  We automatically transfer you into the next event, but you can request any alternative event within the next 3 months.

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Terms & Conditions

 We aim to provide a safe and happy learning experience for everyone.  Participation in Jenie Yolland's Art glass classes and workshops are at your own risk. Whilst we take every precaution to take reasonable care of our customers, we acknowledge that sometimes glass cutting and the studio environment can pose a risk, and your attendence at our classes waives our liability for any injuries that occur.  We aim to provide a safe and happy learning experience for every body.  

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