Term based arts program-Preschooler artists-term 4

Next Available: 13 Oct 10:00AM
1.2 hours


New to the Anna K studio is art teacher Cath Anicic who will be facilitating the 3 to 5 years old preschooler group assisted by Anna K.

While engaging  in fun and interesting projects, the children will also be learning the fundamentals of fine art, incorporating ideas from the award winning Kids Are Raw talent art program, which strives to give children the key to unlock their imagination and the tools to develop their own creativity.

The program is suitable for children who in four year old kinder and are new to art as well as those who are confident with many of the fine art principles. Other areas of personal development are enhanced, such as improved concentration span, fine motor skills and self esteem, which set a great foundation for their further education.

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Class Schedule

This class takes place every Friday starting from the 13th of October until the 15th of December from 10-11.15 am.

What you will learn
  • Drawing, painting and printing
  • Sculpture
  • Jewellery making and handicrafts
What you will get
  • Some fantastic art skills they can use at home!

What to bring
  • All materials provided
What to wear

Casual (Warning: It might get messy), aprons provided

Appropriate for

Children 3-5 years old (4 year old kinder)


Jewellery Making Classes

Vendor sincce 2014

Anna is recognised as one of Australia leading costume jewellery designers. Her work is regularly represented in fashion and bridal publications and parades including Fashion Week. Anna has many commissions from film and theatre companies and has also participated in many group exhibitions. See Anna's work on Instagram @elysiancreations @jewellerymakingclasses 

Her design interests have extended from costume to other areas including lead lighting, mosaic, sculpture, printing and fine art techniques, millinery, and metal and theatrical costumes. She also works as a freelance stylist for bridal and fashion photo shoots.

During the last twenty years of running her costume jewellery label 'Elysian Creations' she has trained many staff how to craft and assemble costume jewellery, bridal millinery and costumes, and extended this ten years ago to teaching children and adults how to make jewellery and art and craft creations.

After many years of working in the fashion industry and becoming a mother of two, Anna's passion for teaching and sharing her extensive knowledge in jewellery making and art and craft techniques has grown from teaching at schools to running classes and workshops at her own studio in Melbourne’s inner west. 

She believes everyone has the ability to be creative and with positive encouragement can produce beautiful artwork. She also believes creativity has a calming effect on children and builds confidence through a sense of achievement, she loves inspiring children to push the boundaries of what they think they are capable of to send them to next level.

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