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Sumi_E Series (Koi) - 12 Oct 2019


by Kami

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We are excited to announce Junko Azukawa's Sumi E "The Way of Ink" Series.

Due to the extreme popularity of Junko's Sumi E workshops, we've expanded the material and content to cater to Sumi E enthusiasts who want to further develop their technique with a borader range of classical subjects.

Workshop Description:

Junko Azukawa's Sumi E "The Way of Ink" Series

The series is comprised of 4 separate classes, each dedicated to a specific subject: Bamboo, Koi, Flowers, and Water.  Participants will learn the penmanship required to create these tranquil works of art using simple inks and brushes.

To encourage everyone to fully participate, Kami Paper is offering a 15%-off cash rebate for every 4th workshop attended!  We are also offering participants the option to frame up their masterpiece on a Shikishi board at a special rate for workshop attendees.

You can read more about Junko Azukawa and explore her beautiful gallery here: https://www.junkoazukawa.com/profile)

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What you will learn
  • How to make and use different Sumi Ink Tones
  • How to control brush pressure and rhythm
  • About Composition
What you will get
  • We will provide Washi paper, Unryushi paper and brushes needed on the day

What to bring
  • Just your enthusisam and patience
What to wear

Dark clothing to prevent accidental splashes

Appropriate for

Minimum age 13 year old



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16 August 2019 • Sumi_E Series (Koi) - 12 Oct 2019

The class is insightful on understanding the basics of sumi-ink painting, with controls of brush stroke and shades of shadow / gradient among different things. Junko is a truly a passionate artist.


01 August 2019 • Sumi_E Series (Koi) - 12 Oct 2019

This is a great way to spend your time on a Saturday morning; I highly recommend signing up for Junko Azukawa's class. Junko is an inspiring, encouraging and generous teacher and a joy to learn from.