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Online Sumi-e Painting - 28th Aug (Sat)

Japanese Ink with Junko Azukawa

Live via Zoom
Sat(Private Dates Available)
2 hours
Group Size: 6 - 10
Over 50 people have attended this class


Sumi-e Painting 

*Please book by 24th Aug for those who would like to receive their Sumi kit in time

Of all its artistic traditions of Japan we find the understated art of Sumi-e to be our favourite.  Dating back as far as the mid-14th century, clean aesthetics combine with a single palette, turning white-space into part of the finished painting.  It's a timeless form of art deeply rooted at seeing the essence of the subject.


Join our Sumi-e workshops in our newest, combined, online and in-person classes in our brand new studio, and fall in love with this deeply affirming art form and learn the basic strokes for traditional subjects like bamboo, peony, cherry blossoms or koi.

Choose your preferred subject or learn both subjects on a single day : 

28th Aug 10 - 12pm - Birds

28th Aug 2pm - 4pm - Cherry Blossom

If you are taking this class remotely  please make sure you get have your Sumi set ready or you can book the class with materials . Please book ahead, delivery takes up to 4 days within Victoria. 

- Regular size sumi brush for cherry blossom 

- Small size brush for bird

- Ink stone 

- Ink  / Ink stick 

- Calligraphy paper for sumi painting

- a small dish (for mixing ink, anything you can find from your kitchen is fine) 

- prepare some water to dilute the ink

Each workshop allows you to practice one of the subjects taught for the week and create your own masterpiece towards the end of the lesson under Junko's guidance and an intentionally intimate format so that everyone can join in and actively participate.


Participants of Kami's Sumi-e Painting workshops will be familiar with the talent and passion Junko Azukawa offers during these classes:


“This was a wonderful class. Junko is a delightful, and engaging teacher. The class was fun and instructive and it was really nice to work with ink - my first time. Of course - she made it all look so effortless and easy. I recommend it.” - Joelle

“The Sumi-e Painting workshop today was delivered in a way that was easy to understand and the facilitator provided space for questions and comments. I found it easy to follow and I have learned some basic techniques to use that I will use. Loved the delivery of the equipment as well. Love my brushes, ink and rice paper. Thank you to the team.” - Evelyn


If you would like to take this lesson with a friend or family member, just buy an extra brush and join us.


Knowledge Required:


Perfect for beginners and is a great indoor activity idea for individuals, couples, groups of friends and kids (minimum 14 years old).


Minimum 8 students for us to run the workshop otherwise we will reschedule

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What you will learn

  • How to make and use different Sumi-e Ink tones
  • How to control brush pressure and rhythm
  • Introduction to traditional subjects : Bamboo, Koi or Dragonfly to practice strokes

What you will get

  • Your own Sumi-e Painting with your subject preference

What to bring

  • Their patience and enthusiasm

What to wear

Apron or wear dark colored clothing (to avoid ink stain)

Appropriate for

Adults and Kids (minimum age 14 )


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5.0 (16 reviews)
28 August 2021Online Sumi-e Painting - 28th Aug (Sat)
This class was a reminder about being still and in the moment. It was held online in the challenging circumstances of lockdown. It was beautiful. A chance to create and de-stress. Thank you so much to Junko- our wonderful teacher- and Jean - for making this class happen online and navigating all the logistics. Huge gratitude!
28 August 2021Online Sumi-e Painting - 28th Aug (Sat)
Junko san was so kind and taught us different techniques in clear instructions by using different angle cameras. Not only teaching us techniques but also telling us the stories of her deep love towards calligraphy and sumie as an artist was so impressed. Jean was really helpful and well organized to connect instructor and participants.
22 June 2021Online Sumi-e Painting - 28th Aug (Sat)
A great fun course with a nice little take away painting at the end.
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