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Home-Style Mexican Cooking Instruction...only at LA COCINA SYDNEY   

Thrill your taste buds and learn to do the same to others!

I am an American who’s been living in Australia since December 2010, first in the little sugar town of Mackay, QLD, and now in the Inner West of Sydney, NSW.

My travels have taken me to 5 continents, and I always enjoy exploring the cultures of the places I visit - ESPECIALLY traditional foods!

I’ve accumulated a fairly large knowledge of Mexican cuisine, which I have presented in classes here in Australia and abroad.

I am again offering lessons on the creation of AUTHENTIC tasting, HEALTHY, home-style Mexican food - this time, in Sydney.

Enjoy a casual, but information-filled journey into the rich flavors of Mexico, using locally obtained ingredients, as we focus on the start-to-finish preparation of CLASSIC MEXICAN main courses, such as tacos, burritos, tamales, enchiladas, Mayan pibil, chili verde, quesadillas, or even super Nachos, as well as the making of accompanying salsas, side dishes, and Condiments.


You will be provided with a knowledge of techniques and processes, with recipe sheets for each dish, providing an easy follow-along and a handy document for later use in your own kitchen...AND happy taste buds!

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