Children's Italian class for 3 to 5 years old Kinder Program


Parents Please Note: Please register your children's name (and not your own) so that we can identify the booking on the day.

We have extensive language plans and utilize themes to help organize vocabulary with games, music and activities.  Some of our themes include Body Parts, Where Animals Live, Let's Go to the Market, Dinosaur Dance or Describing Me. We use puppets, colourful visuals,games, movement, music, props and much more to help in the learning process and to make it all loads of fun and enjoyable for your child.  It's a natural way to learn a language.


We utilise a variety of engaging games to reinforce target vocabulary and foster excitement and cooperation. Storytelling- Effective method that captures children's attention and captivates their imagination. Skits- Drama creates emotional attachments, and emotion is the door of learning.

Colourful Visuals and Props

Children see and touch and participate in activities and have great fun with new and exciting props. Music- Songs and rhymes are an integral part of the language process.  Music provides many wonderful benefits and helps trigger memory. Movement- We move around a lot, playing Simon Says, Stop N Go, and various fun activities.

Arts & Crafts

The art segments provides opportunities to reinforce colours, counting, sharing, manners  and hands-on activities offer children sense of accomplishment.


It is vital part of language learning.  Children learn about countries, and cultures where the language is spoken and food and daily habits and special activities and events those cultures share.

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What you will learn
  • Start simple social conversation and short sentence speaking.
  • Vocabularies related with the specific themes.
  • Songs in a different language.
What you will get
  • Handbooks
  • Certificate

What to bring
  • Drink bottle, Snacks


Language Champs

Vendor since 2013

Language Champs is thrilled to bring a high quality language program teaching children-ages 2.5+, VCE students and adults.  Languages include German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Greek and Polish.

Language Champs commenced teaching languages to children in 2003.  After 3 years of teaching only a children's language course, the demand to teach adults and older students led to the introduction of adult language classes and private language tuition in 2006.

Adult and High School Courses

High School Students:  Specific programs for Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and VCE (Years 11 & 12) students.   Instructors have experience teaching high school students and specifically VCE students and get results.  Level 1:  10 Week course  Speak the Language from day one!  Build a solid foundation in the Language.  Learn with native speakers with authentic accents and proper word structures.  By end of the course students will be able to greet and say goodbye to friends and family, introduce self and someone else, ask simple questions and give basic information about self and others.  Students will be able to express likes, tell time, ask and give directions and talk about their family.    Level 2:  10 Week course   Students will understand sentences and frequently used expressions involving familiar everyday events.   Be able to communicate the basic personal information and simple communication involving everyday usage including going shopping and expressing opinions.  Students will broaden their vocabulary and improve listening and comprehension skills.  Students will summarise and discuss a short text, learn proper pronunciation and expand their cultural knowledge. Express:  5 Weeks 3 hours/week.  Fast track your language learning with this course.  Students will learn topics as listed in Level 1.Travel:  Specifically designed for those students travelling to another country.  Be able to communicate like a regular tourist.  Course will focus on ordering in restaurants, going shopping, buying train/bus tickets, and cultural aspects and advice from native speakers. High School Students:  Specific programs for Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and VCE students. Instructors have experience teaching high school students and get results.  

Children's Language Program

We are immensely thrilled to bring a high quality language program teaching children  Italian, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, or Greek or Japanese.Our method of teaching makes learning fun, focusing on a young child’s ability to learn a language naturally through fun and engaging activities.Our rich curriculum, developed by teachers is filled with vast activities centered around fun and play yet designed for maximum language absorption.  At Language Champs we believe learning is best achieved when a child is being challenged in a fun and participative environment.  

The curriculum utilises themes to help organise vocabulary with games and music.  Some themes include Body Parts, Pet Shop, Farm Animals, Crocodile Smile, or Good Night Bears.  We use puppets, storytelling, skits, arts & crafts, colourful props and much more to help in the learning process and to make it all loads of fun and enjoyable for your child.   It's a natural way to learn a language. As children simultaneously participate in engaging activities  they will gain skills that will enrich their intellect, increase their verbal and communication skills, confidence and develop an awareness that will last a lifetime.

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