Laughter Wellness Team Building Workshop (20 People)


Laughter is a powerful tool that enables you to connect with other people, as you bond with those you laugh with. This fun, interactive team building workshop brings people together, through laughter!

In this team building workshop, you will learn about how positive energy has a positive impact on teams. Positive energy enhances relationships, connections and morale.

This workshop will involve:

  • An introductory presentation, based on research. It will teach you about how positive energy, such as the energy created through laughter, creates positive relationships and a positive work environment.
  • A fun and highly interactive laughter wellness workout. The laughter workout alternates between rhythmic clapping, deep breathing techniques, affirming exercises and laughter exercises.
  • A laughter meditation, that involves free-flow laughter. Group members will start with a little giggle and see how contageous laughter can be.
  • A guided relaxation, to ground the energy of laughter and restore a sense of balance.
  • A wrap-up that enables people to share comments about the session and consider techniques that they may put into practise, for enhanced feelings of connection.

People commonly feel positive, relaxed and energised at the end of a Laughter Wellness session!

All of our sessions are tailored to suit your group and their needs. For groups of more than 20, please contact us for a special quote.

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Class Schedule

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What you will learn
  • The importance of positive energy, for positive relationships and a positive environment.
  • The difference between a polite smile and a genuine smile and how to incorporate more genuine positive interactions into your day.
  • Tools, techniques and exercises that you can implement to create positive energy, at work and at home.
What you will get
  • A first-hand experience of how you can choose to laugh, for no reason and that simply simulating laughter, stimulates the feel-good chemistry that comes with it.
  • An understanding of how laughter, positive energy and affirming activities can enhance your relationships and work environment.
  • Tools, techniques and exercises that you can put into practise, to create positive energy and a positive mindset.
  • Exercises designed to enhance relationships, morale and connection.
  • An unique opportunity to laugh with others, in a safe space where hearty belly-laughter is socially acceptable and people can express their authentic laugh.

What to bring
  • Enthusiasm
  • A willingness to laugh for no reason.
What to wear

Comfortable clothing that won't restrict your movement

Appropriate for

Corporate Organisations, Workplaces, Community Organisations, Public Events


Laugh and Live Well

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Laugh and Live Well is an organisation that specialises in Corporate Wellbeing Workshops, Team Building Experiences and Conference Presentations. It was founded by Connie Costa, Australia's leading Laughter Wellness Presenter and Trainer.

Connie has facilitated Laughter Wellness presentations for organisations including Google, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Insurance Australia Group. She is a regular presenter at the Australian Laughter Wellness Conference. Connie recently opened the first ever Happiness Effect Conference in Kuwait and by popular audience request, was also asked to close it!

Our workshops and presentations are tailored, to make sure that your group gets the most out of their experience. Contact us to discuss how we can share an educational, interactive and energising Laughter Wellness experience with your team.

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