Flamenco Bel Bata in Studio

Adults : Flamenco Dance on MON - WED @ 6:30pm

Flamenco Dance Classes : BEG to ADV Workshops

Next Available: Tue, 14 Apr 5:30PM (AEST) (17 more dates available)
1 hour
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πŸ”₯ FUN & FRIENDLY FLAMENCO DANCE CLASSES in Endeavour Hills Melbourne Victoria in our very OWN Professionally built Dance Studio @ 🌹 LA VIDA DANCE SCHOOL 🌹  

➑ for Flamenco Dancers with a raised WOODEN FLOOR & 2 Sides Wall to Wall Mirrors.

βœ” SAFE for all to dance at any AGE.

🌹 Fun & Friendly Flamenco Beg-Inter-Open Levels : Adults Dance Classes on β˜‘️MONDAYS from @ 6:30pm -7:30pm  

🌹 Fun & Friendly Flamenco Beginners INTRO - Latin & Stretch Adults Dance Classes on β˜‘️TUES  from @ 9:30am-11am & β˜‘οΈ WED @ 6:30pm-8pm 

No Dance Experience & within 2-5 years SOLID FLAMENCO DANCE CLASSES @ LVDS 

β˜‘οΈ 6 WEEKS BEGINNERS INTRO $150 for 1 Hr  (Within 1-2 yrs of Dancing)

β˜‘οΈ 6 WEEKS BEGINNERS INTRO $180 for 1.5 Hrs  (Within 1-2 yrs of Dancing)

β˜‘οΈ Fees: $300 for 1Hr ~ 12 Weeks FULL TERM  : BEGINNERS-INTER : Flamenco Dance Classes *ONGOING FLAMENCO DANCE CLASSES*

We also offer  Flamenco Dance Class/Intensive Workshops for Adults  Advanced  Levels on TUES from 8pm-9:30pm

β˜‘οΈ Fees $360 for 1.5 Hrs - 12 Weeks FULL TERMS  Advanced Open Levels*

❣ Experience a culturally rich journey through DANCE with Worldly Sounds Colours & Flavours ❣

πŸ’₯ Flamenco Dance Workshops with Flamenco Dance Teacher : Belinda Martin

Live Flamenco Guitar occasionally in Class to fire up ignite Extra Passion about Flamenco & Rhythms 


β˜‘οΈ 6 Weeks BEGINNERS - INTRO TO DANCE   & 

β˜‘οΈ 12 Weeks FULL TERMS *Ongoing Weekly FLAMENCO DANCE CLASSES  offered to all our Dance Students 

βœ… 1 HR Class Weekly  : $150 / 6 Weeks INTRO : FULL TERMS $300 βœ…

βœ… 1.5 Hrs Class Weekly : $180 /6 Weeks INTRO  & Full TERMS $360 βœ…


Dancing requires 

β˜‘οΈ Motivation 

β˜‘οΈ Commitment 

β˜‘οΈ Determination Ability to β˜‘οΈ Focus & a positive β˜‘οΈ Attitude.

β˜‘οΈ Adults Beginners to advanced Levels : Flamenco Dance Classes in our β˜‘οΈ Endeavour Hills Dance Studio β˜‘οΈ South Eastern Suburbs in Melbourne Victoria Australia 

Learn to Dance this beautiful Mesmerising Artform FLAMENCO DANCE at 🌹 La Vida Dance School 🌹 in Endeavour Hills Melbourne Victoria Australia 

Learn basic Rhythms Handclaps 

Graceful Arm Movements

 THIS  beautiful creative Artform  

Gain  power /Strength with  Contemporary Spanish & Flamenco.

Learn the fundamentals Build Self-Confidence 

Dazzling Rhythms &  have lots of Fun 

improve your Co-ordination & get Fit!


Dynamic Dance Rhythms Great Music & very Energetic!

β˜‘οΈ Book direct with us Call Director-Flamenco Dance Teacher 

Belinda Martin on M: 0422 855 188  

β˜‘οΈ Ltd Spots per Dance Classes 6 Adults MAX 

β˜‘οΈ Special Note: Please arrive 5 mins before the start of all your Dance Lessons or let us know if you are running late!

Learn a *New Skill Flamenco Dancing

Reap the Benefits of Learning to Dance a Passionate Dance Style

β˜‘ Flamenco it's about Life.  Expressing your life stories & experiences.

Your Life Your Story Your Passion Your Fire Your Sadness Your Joy Your Happiness.

➑ WEB : TERM Dance Classes β¬…


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What you will learn
  • Gain Strength Improve your Coordination & General Posture with this amazing Art form Spanish Flamenco Dance.
  • Learn the basics of the Spanish Dance, The ArtForm that is Flamenco Dance from the Ancient Cultures & the gypsies of Spain.
  • Learn to Dance Flamenco Percussive Rhythms Handclaps Footwork & Graceful Elegant Dance Movements & mesmerising Skirts Movements.
What you will get
  • Expert tuition from experienced Dance Teachers & Professional Performers for Flamenco Fiesta Group
  • Inner strength, Self- confidence empowerment letting your emotions feelings out be it Anger Fiery Sadness Sorrow Joy Happiness Fitness or Just pure Joy Fun
  • Develop your inner strength Build your Confidence through Empowering Creative Dance Movements whilst having fun & discover a passionate Dance Flamenco!
  • Freestyle Dance Movements learn at your own pace Small Dance Classes for Kids & Adults (Max 6 Spots per Dance Class.
  • Fun & Friendly Flamenco Beginners Adults Dance Classes learn a unique dance to suit your Own personal Dance Styles Dynamic Rhythms,Fun Strength, Grace ,Beauty Fiery or Passionate

What to bring
  • Your enthusiasm to learn!
  • Dancing requires Motivation Commitment Determination Ability to Focus & a positive Attitude.
  • Comfortable Dance Wear & Shoes with a Thick Heel like Cuban Heels. No high Stilleto Heels.... flat shoes ok. (Boots with Cuban Heels ok)
  • A flowing long Skirt for mesmerising movements.
What to wear

Comfortable dance wear Leggins / T-shirts or Mid Calf Skirts with a Flare & Cuban Heel STURDY Shoes

Appropriate for

Flamenco Dance Classes for Adults Beginners & Intermediate/Advanced Levels offered

We offer βœ”TERM DANCE CLASSES As per School TERMS for Kids 


BEG:Monthly Payment Option βœ”4 Weeks TERMS


La Vida Dance School

Vendor since 2015


in Endeavour Hills Melbourne Victoria Australia offers

❣  Fun & Friendly / Fitness DANCE πŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ» CLASSES for β˜‘ Kids β˜‘ Teens & β˜‘ Adults in Our OWN Dance Studio established in βœ… September 2010 βœ… highly qualified  ( Business Degrees : Majoring in Education (Teaching), Communications & Finance Management)  experienced, dedicated & engaging Dance Teacher : Belinda Martin 

❣ Experience a culturally rich journey through DANCE with Worldly Sounds Colours & Flavours ❣

Adults Dance Classes

Latin Dance Classes Freestyle  Cuban Salsa Bresilien Samba Argentinian Tango Elegant Waltz  & Sensual Bachata 

Flamenco Dance Classes  : Beginners to Advanced Levels / Workshops 

Stretch & Body Conditioning & Latin Mix Dance Exercises for Fun & Fitness 

Funky Jazz : Hip Hop : Contemporary Spanish for Kids & Teens

Private Dance Lessons 1-1 & Wedding Dance Lessons 2-1



βœ” Benefits & Skills for Life from DANCING in a safe & friendly Environment @ LVDS 

βœ” Commitment  & Coorperation  

βœ” Improve Balance Core Strength & Uplifting Spirits in a fun & friendly Dance Class

βœ” Teamwork  Motivation & Determination

βœ” Ability to Focus & a Positive Attitude.

βœ” Develop these Fundamental Skills for life!!!

β˜‘   Uplifted spirits creativity active learning & be ready to have   

β˜‘  FUN at any Social Dance Parties, Functions & Life Events

β˜‘ Learn to Dance  in a safe environment in our fully Equipped Mirrored Dance Studio built for 

🌹 Flamenco Dancers with a Raised WOODEN FLOOR , Sound Proof & SAFE for ALL  Dancers.

β˜†  ADULTS FUN & FRIENDLY DANCE CLASSES from Absolute Beginners to Advanced Levels offered β˜†  

🌹 FLAMENCO Absolute Beginners-Advanced Levels  **Traditional & Contemporary Dance Styles offered**

 #Fire #Passion #Beauty #Grace #Strength #Mesmerising #Charming #Cheeky #Music & #Dancing 

πŸ”₯ FLAMENCO DANCE is an *ARTFORM* freestyle spirited powerful mesmerising fiery dancing from the heart body & soul with dazzling rhythms (requires dedication patience & full commitment)


🌹 Stretch and Body Conditioning for Fun & Fitness /Contemporary Spanish Dance Exercise Classes (we do recommend stretch & body conditioning in addition to your regular classes if you have no dance experience or a fitness on- going activity

β˜† KIDS/TEENS  Funky Jazz Hip Hop Contemporary Spanish β˜† 

β˜†  Fun & Friendly Dance Classes from Ages 5yrs-15yrs OLD 1 Hr Dance Classes & 8-10 WEEKS TERMS offered β˜† 

(as per Victorian School TERMS)  

Please NOTE : We also offer β˜†  Private Dance Lessons 1-1 & 2-1  for 

 β˜†  Wedding Dance Lessons-Bridal Waltz for Couples (2-1) : Packages ( 3& 5 Packs Lessons )

πŸ”₯ Flamenco Dance Workshops & Shows for  Corporate Events & LOTE Week in Schools : Private Functions in Melbourne.

Flexi-Times & Suitable Options available for your Convenience. 

β˜† Our Opening Hrs are  MON to WED from 9:30am till 10pm β˜† 

Prepaid Appointments for ALL Private Dance Lessons & Wedding Dance Classes Mon -Fri from 11am -3pm & 8:30pm-9:30pm

Fun Simple Short Choreo suited to both your personalities & individualised dance styles for your very special day, your Wedding Day to your Own Choice of Music.

β˜†    We offer  βœ… 10 Weeks &  βœ… 12 Weeks FULL  TERMS β˜† 1 Hr/1.5 Hrs/2Hrs Weekly Dance Classes to all our ADULTS DANCE STUDENTS

β˜‘ BEGINNERS-INTRO TO DANCE : ADULTS Freestyle Flamenco/Latin/Stretch: 6 Weeks β˜‘

β˜†   We offer  β˜† 8 - 10 Weeks FULL TERM β˜† 1 Hr Dance Classes  to all our KIDS / TEENS DANCE STUDENTS 


β˜†  TERM Dance Classes β˜†   

β˜† Missed a Class Reschedule is available with Prior Discussion & Prebooking of Make up Classes during TERM PAID.β˜† 

 πŸ“ž  Belinda Martin on M: 0422 855 188 or E: lavidadanceschool@bigpond.com for all enquiries about our βœ”οΈFun & βœ”οΈ Friendly Dance Classes,  

➑️ Website: www.laviddanceschool.com.au β¬…️ 

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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Missed a Class we do offer reschedule & Make up Classes within our Terms & Conditions of mutually agreed Times

We have a no refund policy

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Terms & Conditions

 @ 🌹 La Vida dance School 🌹 in Endeavour Hills Melbourne Victoria  

βœ… Prebooked & βœ… Prepaid TERM DANCE CLASSES offered 

NO  casual drop ins ....

It is always courteous to arrive on time or 5 mins early to your Dance Classes/Lessons if you are running late , SMS or Call to let us Know.

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