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Term 1 - BAXTER - Auslan Level 1 - 6 week course

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Learn to communicate with deaf and hard of hearing people in this fun and practical community based 6 week Auslan (Beginners) course.

Through games, activities, group and pair work you will develop the ability to sign in a range of social and workplace settings.

The 6 week introductory course is the perfect opportunity to begin your journey into learning Auslan and about the Deaf Community.

No prior experience is necessary.  This is a fun introduction to Auslan.

As part of the course you will receive a course workbook with pictures of every sign taught in the course, along with set sentences to practice signing with. You will also receive a Certificate of Attendance with the number of hours you have undertaken.

Some of the 16 categories of signs that we will teach you in level 1 include: Questions, Greetings, Deaf Related, Phrases, Instructions, Numbers, Food and Drink, Family, Emotions, Colours, Animals, Social things to do.

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What you will learn
  • How to commuicate with a deaf person in a social or workplace setting
  • An understanding of Deaf Awareness
  • Auslan grammar and how it differs to English written and spoken language
What you will get
  • A workbook containing photos of all signs taught plus sentences to practice with at home
  • A Certificate of Attendance stating the hours of PD training undertaken
  • Information about Deaf events and where you can meet deaf people

What to bring
  • Pen or pencil and a notebook
What to wear


Appropriate for

Specialist school staff, primary and high school staff as well as all support staff, parents of students in schools or in childcare or kindergarten, university or TAFE students, interested people,disability organisation staff.


The Auslan Company

Vendor since 2015

The Auslan Company was established by a Deaf man, Darren Roberts, in  2004.  Today we are the only Deaf owned and operated Auslan Training  Organisation that combines Auslan community courses, Auslan in the  workplace and Deaf Awareness Training within its’ scope.

The Auslan Company’s passion is in teaching Auslan and sharing our  awesomely visual language with those who CARE enough to learn for their  personal enjoyment or because they have a deaf staff member or deaf  customers / clients.

We have passionate and committed Auslan Teachers whose PASSION is in  teaching Auslan in a practical, fun and informative way that will give  you the starting skills to communicate with any Deaf person in a social  or workplace setting as well as the ability, through general Deaf  Awareness, to EMPATHISE from a Deaf perspective.

We have also created 3 educational Auslan DVD’s and a LearnAuslan app  (from the DVD’s) to assist people learn Auslan at home in their free  time.

Follow us on Facebook: /theauslancompany to find out more about all our courses and the fun things we do.

For whatever reason you want to learn Auslan l hope you will find the  right option for you through our Auslan community courses, the Auslan  in the workplace courses, through Deaf Awareness Training, the  educational DVD’s or the LearnAuslan app.

Please feel free to contact Darren – theauslancompany@gmail.com (or  text only 0477 979 748) for any information about any of our Auslan  courses.  We will respond the same day.

We all believe in CARING for one another, being PASSIONATE about what  we teach and using it to create EMPATHY which we a grateful for.

Learning Auslan will open doors you never dreamed of opening.  What is behind your door?

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Cancellation & Refund Policy


Auslan Course Policy

The Auslan Company is dedicated to providing all students with an opportunity to learn Auslan. To do this, we require enrolments of between 11 and 20 people to allow for the best interaction and effective learning in class.

To ensure The Auslan Company can continue to provide excellent tuition at cost effective prices it is important that late enrolments and course withdrawals are limited.

Enrolments and Payments

The Auslan Company’s preferred payment option is via Weteachme (visa/mastercard) or paypal.  We can organise invoices especially if several people are enrolling through an organisation.

The Auslan Company accepts enrolment and payment right up to the closing date.

All late enrolments, within 5 days of course commencement, must be accompanied with payment via visa/mastercard.


If a workplace requires an invoice for a staff member, please contact The Auslan Company with a purchase order number and contact details. This must be completed prior to enrolment closing.


If a student wishes to withdraw from a course, The Auslan Company will need to receive an emailed notification at least 7 days prior to the close of enrolments. This will then entitle the person to a full refund only if paid in full.

In 2018 we are offering 50% deposit and a 50% final payment  1 week before course commences.  If you cancel 1 week before the course  commences this deposit will NOT be refunded.  However it can be used to transfer to another course in the same term at another location or used  anytime as part payment (50%) towards another Auslan course or Auslan  merchandise during 2018.

Course Cancellations

The Auslan Company reserves the right to cancel any course at any time.

All students will be contacted if this is to occur. The Auslan Company will offer a full refund to all enrolled students and if there is another course locally going ahead they have the opportunity to be enrolled in that course and their enrolment information will be changed by The Auslan Company.

*Concession refers to any TAFE or University students at the time of enrolment and any person on a Government benefits card. Proof of concession must be shown to the course teacher in the first class.

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Terms & Conditions

For a full list of Frequently Asked Questions about our courses please go to - http://www.learnauslan.com.au/faqs/

Additionally in 2018 we are offering 50% deposit and a 50% final payment 1 week before course commences.  If you cancel 1 week before the course commences this deposit will NOT be refunded.  However it can be used to transfer to another course in the same term at another location or used anytime as part payment (50%) towards another Auslan course or Auslan merchandise during 2018.

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