Coloured Resin Workshop – monthly with gaye lyons


After everyone has arrived and you have a cuppa and do introductions, the basics and

sequence of making a coloured resin through demonstration is done in the studio.

It's the best way - to see it done, ask questions and see close up what you will be doing.

All facits are covered and questions answered.

It's a small miracle and a great sense of achievement.

*Gaye has a degree in Fine arts and has been taking art classes for six years.

The small group enables personal help and attention.

The images are some examples of Resins from the Workshop.

Importantly there are no prequisites for doing the course and is suitable for anyone from

15 years and up.

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What you will learn
  • How to safely handle epoxy resin, also on how to measure and mix the resin
  • Colour mediums that may be used with resin, also how to prepare and set up surfaces to be used
  • Techniques, timelines and trimming your resin together with a list of components so you can do your own resin art pieces
What you will get
  • All the components to make your own Resin art work
  • Your own Art Resin piece to hang at home
  • A yummy lunch with tea and coffee
  • A great experience with a fantastic contemporary medium
  • A fun time with other interesting people

What to bring
  • Everything is provided
  • Except you – bring you
What to wear

Old shirt or top or apron – just in case. (Spills on clothes happen rarely.)


Like to Paint

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The Coloured Resin Workshops are conducted in a working studio on a monthly basis.  All aspects of this fascinating medium are covered so that individuals can go away an do their own Resin 2D art works in private settings.

Resin is a lot of fun and an easy way to get your creative on and happening in a very short time frame.

gaye has a Degree in Fine Arts and has been teaching painting in her Studio for seven years.  Her new direction into Resin art work and her joy of teaching has been a natural progression this year.  The Workshops are done in small groups and have been very popular since their commencement.

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