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Mindful Exams workshop

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The Mindful Exam Workshop

Examination time is a uniquely stressful time for young people and families.

Our MindSetGrow Mindful Exams course provides students with a range of tools and techniques from stress busting to planning a balanced and healthy study routine.

The Mindful Exams course is an introduction to basic mindful techniques that can help HSC students from study to the exam itself.

Who would this benefit:
The workshop is aimed for students who are preparing for their HSC. If your child is feeling stressed and overwhelmed about upcoming exams then this workshop is for them.

What will be covered:
Module 1: Stress Busting:
Understanding how our brain deals with pressure and why it’s not something to be afraid of.

Module 2: Study Buddy:
How a clear mind leads to better learning, overcoming anxiety and planning a balanced study schedule.

Module 3: The Big Day:
Designing your own calming routine and techniques to calm nerves when students sit exams.

Also included is:
• Morning tea
• MindSetGrow journal notebook
• MindsetGrow workbook

To do our best we need to feel our best. Join us as we show you how mindfulness can help you to calmly tackle the HSC.


About – Emma the founder of Mind Set Grow

Emma is a mother of two young girls and she works as a student support liaison officer at a comprehensive co-ed high school in the Lower North Shore. As a child Emma struggled with anxiety which continued into early adulthood.

Emma then discovered Mindfulness and it was the one treatment that really helped her to manage her anxiety. Her only regret was that she wished she had access to mindfulness at a younger age.

Emmas experience as a mother and working with young people in schools made her keenly aware of the pressures and stresses faced daily by students, parents and educators alike. This prompted Emma to become an educator in mindfulness.

In 2018 she completed studies with the Mindful Schools organisation based in the US. Today Emma is passionate about empowering students with mindfulness techniques to help young people to manage anxiety and show them we can all rewrite the stories we tell ourselves.

Emma is also currently running the MindSetGrow Mindfulness in schools program with the year 7 cohort in a major high school on the lower north shore.

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What you will learn
  • Stress Busting
  • Study Buddy
  • The Big Day
What you will get
  • Morning tea
  • MindSetGrow journal notebook
  • MindsetGrow workbook
Parking Info

On street parking is available out the front of Maker's loft on Ernest St. from 10am to 4pm & 6pm onwards.
Alternative parking can be found on Anzac Ave and Lytton St.

What to bring
  • No need to bring a thing.
What to wear


Appropriate for

HSC students


All day on street parking is available out the front of Maker's loft on Ernest St.


Maker’s Loft

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Sisters Anouke & Sacha (life long crafters & tinkerers), established their first creative studios in Cammeray, Sydney in 2010 following their dream of inspiring designers, artists & tinkerers of our future.

Maker’s Loft has grown into a local CREATIVE HUB & espresso bar for everyone to enjoy.

Offering a range of creative events from corporate bonding, Hens parties to birthday parties for all ages.

Providing workshops and classes, school holiday programs and after school craft club.

Our creative spaces and equipment are available for hire and we’re always looking for Makers to come and share their knowledge and inspire others.

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Terms & Conditions


MAKER’S LOFT PTY LTD ABN: 32 165 264 657


1. Definitions

Client refers to the adult or parent/guardian of a child booking the arts and craft classes.
Student refers to the adult or child attending the arts and craft classes.
Studio means the premises located at 205 Ernest Street, Cammeray NSW 2062.
Venue means any other premises hired for our use of workshops and classes.
Terms are defined by the New South Wales annual calender.
Maker’s Loft refers to Maker’s Loft Pty Ltd.
Associates refers to other creative partners working in collaboration with Maker’s Loft.

2. General

Maker’s Loft and its Associates will agree to provide arts and craft education to the Client for the purpose of assisting with the Client or it’s child’s creative education/entertainment. Workshops and Classes will be conducted at the business premises situated at 205 Ernest Street, Cammeray NSW 2062 or an alternative Venue hired for the same purpose. Our service is open 8:30am – 3:30pm Monday to Friday during school holidays,  9:00am – 2:30pm during school terms or scheduled workshop times.

3. Student’s Behaviour

Students are expected and will be encouraged to behave in a manner acceptable to the staff of Maker’s Loft and it’s Associates. Disruptive or inappropriate behaviour of a student will be addressed and in the event of continued issues, these will be discussed with the Client. In the event that reasonable action has been taken to encourage acceptable behaviour and the student continues to behave disruptively or inappropriately, Maker’s Loft reserves the right to terminate the child’s registration.

Our set of guidelines for student’s behaviour is available upon request.

4. Booking Period

Workshops and classes are booked when schedule becomes available prior to event or school holidays, and is subject to availability.

All ’Clubs’ (after school) classes are booked in term blocks. 

5. Fees Paid in Advance

The fees payable in respect of bookings must be paid in advance.

6. Cancellation Policy

Workshops tickets are non refundable, however tickets can be transferred to another attendee, transferred to another class or a credit voucher is issued. Class transfers must be made within 48 hrs of the scheduled workshop date. Please contact us via email at hi@makersloft.com.au.
Please contact us for consideration of special circumstances.

We’ll do our best to run all scheduled classes, but from time to time things don’t go according to plan. Our facilitator may have a personal matter or we simply didn’t get the numbers. Most classes must have a minimum number of attendees to make it viable to run the class. In the event that a class needs to cancelled you’ll be notified via email and entitled to a full refund or credit voucher.

As ‘Clubs’ (after school) bookings are made on a term by term basis, classes cannot be cancelled
mid-term. If you no longer require your child to attend Maker’s Loft, you must provide us with two weeks written notice, during term time, otherwise two weeks fees will be charged.

7. Late Collection of Children.

We stress the anxiety of children who are collected late.

A telephone call to let staff know of your situation is greatly appreciated and allows us to properly inform your child/children that you will be late however this does not exempt you from the late collection fee that may apply.

If a child is not collected by the scheduled class finishing time, Maker’s Loft Pty Ltd staff will follow the following procedures:

  • Once you are fifteen (15) minutes late in collecting your child, a $22 late fee will apply (including GST). 
  • For each additional minute after this time, you will be charged an additional late fee of $2.00 (including GST) per minute. 
  • Five (5) minutes after the end of the class, student’s parents will be contacted. 
  • Fifteen (15) minutes after the end of the lesson the student’s emergency carers will be contacted. 
  • If we are unable to contact parents and/or emergency carers, North Sydney Police will be notified and a report will need to be made to the Child wellbeing unit of the Family and Community Services (FaCS, previously known as DoCS).

8. Absenteeism

It is essential that you advise Maker’s Loft as soon as possible if you or your child/ren will be absent. If your child becomes ill at school and is collected, we stress the importance of letting us know so that we do not raise alarm when your child does not meet our staff for afternoon pick up. We appreciate your understanding.

If the Student will be away, you should email us or tell our staff, but we do ask that if you only receive short notice, you contact us by voice call or text message on 0424 625 377. You will always receive confirmation of a message.

If bookings are made by the term, you will still be charged for the booked class.

9. Illness

We ask that you respect other students and staff of Maker’s Loft and advise us of any illness or contact with contagious diseases as soon as possible. In the event of your child becoming unwell during class or an accident involving your child, you will be notified immediately and advised of the action taken. If the parent/guardian cannot be contacted in a medical emergency, a Doctor or other medical help will be sought. If their condition is serious, an ambulance will be called.

We appreciate your support in the prompt collection of your child if your child become unwell during class.

10. Emergency Information

If there is a change to your emergency contact details, please advise us immediately, so that our records are kept up to date.

11. Walking From School

If your child attends a local school, and written arrangement is made for school pickup, the Client agrees that the employees of Maker’s Loft Pty Ltd are permitted to walk your child to the Maker’s Loft studio from the school in the afternoon.

12. Leaving Maker’s loft premisses

Maker’s Loft and it’s staff will advice and seek permission in writing prior to the activity, should the class activity require us to take them from the allocated premisses for an excursion.
By giving us permission the client agrees that the employees of Maker’s Loft Pty Ltd are permitted to walk and supervise their child between Maker’s loft and the advised excursion location.

13. Waiver

I hereby agree that Maker’s Loft Pty Ltd, it’s directors, employees and associates are released absolutely from all liability and responsibility for injury, damages, illness, accident, death or loss of property howsoever arising which may occur to me or my child/ children at any time during classes or workshops at Maker’s Loft Pty Ltd or when being walked to/from the studio and I hereby agree to indemnify and keep indemnified Maker’s Loft Pty Ltd, its directors, employees and associates from and against all liability, damages, claims, actions and costs of defending such claims and actions whatsoever in respect thereof.

14. Photography and media

I hereby give consent (or revoke consent in the 'special request' field of the booking form) for Maker’s Loft Pty Ltd, its directors, employees and associates to record my or my child/ children’s image (photograph or video footage) for promotional purposes. I understand my or my child/ children’s image may be used in mediums including: publications and promotional material, and broadcast, print and electronic media.

I acknowledge that my or my child/ children’s image will be used without any personal compensation or remuneration. I agree to forgo any rights to my or my child/ children’s image including moral rights and copyright.

15. Declaration

By proceeding to checkout and confirming your booking you are agreeing to Maker’s loft class registration terms and conditions.

I hereby understand all of the clauses under this registration agreement and agree to be bound by the conditions contained therein.

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