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Blueprint to the Camera Controls

Basic understanding to the three camera controls

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 Overview of this three hour course: 

This Blueprint course is the 1st module in the series called 'Mastering Photography.'

It also includes the accompanying PDF digital booklet 'Blueprint to becoming a Successful Amateur Photographer'

This short course is facilitated by one of Australia's most decorated Master Photographers, Darren Tilnak

He is still a working photographer with over 35years as a professional photographer, specialising in black and white lifestyle portraits. He has coached and mentored the photographic industry for over 25 years. After writing two books, he wants to impart his knowledge to the amateur photographer, regardless of whether they are just starting or are seasoned enthusiasts.       

Tilnak says....             

'Understanding the three main camera controls offers you what I call 'correct exposure.' When the camera is in auto mode, all it is trying to do is give you just that, correct exposure. Big deal! My iPhone 11 Pro does that, probably just as good as any $3000 D-SLR or Mirrorless camera.

I want to take you way past 'correct exposure' so that your imagery will speak out at the viewer, and the only way that is going to happen is by moving your mode dial to'M' (Manual Mode)

This way, you use each of the controls creatively and capture what you see in front of you precisely in the camera'.


1. Basic understanding of the three main essential camera controls.

  •  ISO - the first control 
  • Shutter - understanding the shutter speed and how it works 
  • Aperture - what the main objectives of the Aperture are
  • Fast-track the menu functions 

2. Function mode dial, we take a brief look at:

 Auto mode,    Program mode,  Shutter priority,  Aperture priority,  Manual mode

then explain why you should move away from auto settings

3. Camera practical demonstration:

We then put all of the workings discussed and have a practical session in our studio. You will experience using Tilnak’s camera in full manual mode, and be tested on your learnings. This is when you are guaranteed to have a “Light bulb” moment, not to mention its so much fun.)

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What you will learn
  • learn the three main camera controls: ISO, Shutter, Aperture
  • Priority modes, such as aperture priority, etc
  • Practical session along with the theory as to why moving away from auto is a must!
What you will get
  • Workbook where they write notes.
  • Blueprint to becoming a Successful Amateur Photographer Digital Booklet
Parking Info

Parking is available around the studio after hours

What to bring
  • Camera, pen, pencils
What to wear


Appropriate for

Mirrorless or D-SLR camera owners who only shoot on auto setting and want to move over to shooting in Manual mode.


Mastering Photography

Vendor since 2020

'Mastering photography' is a Melbourne-based photographic tuition company, with a difference, that has been mentoring the photographic industry through workshops seminars and one on one consultations for the last 20 years. The director and founder of 'Mastering Photography', Darren Tilnak is a working Master Photographer in the field and has now turned his attention to the amateur market. His philosophy is to fast track your understanding of photography in several simple modules based on his two books.

1. 'Master your camera controls'.

2. 'Master the 7 keys to composition'.

'Master your camera controls' is an easy to read fast track system to understanding your DSLR or Mirrorless camera. Based on the four significant camera controls being the Shutter, the Aperture, ISO and also Exposure Compensation. This course based on the book is for anyone that wants to learn their camera fast. Start photographing scenes in full manual mode, whether its travel, Sporting scenes, events, such as a kids birthday party or landscape photography. Whatever your passion is, this course will give you the confidence and ability to capture what you see in front of you accurately. The digital publication of the book is included in this course.

'Master the 7 keys to composition' course comprises of 3 X 5 hr modules, set (a week apart) and is based on the book. Once you are technically au fait with the camera, it's then essential that you understand the foundation of what constitutes an exceptional photograph which is the composition. From the simple simplicity composition of the golden mean right through to the illusion of depth. This course is more suited for intermediate to advanced amateur photographers that want to focus on the art side of photography and learn the composition fast. The digital publication of the book is included in this course. 

The student may choose to take just one of these modules at a time or book all three. The choice will be up to them.

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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Mastering Photography requires 48 hours notice via email prior to the start of a class or event for a full refund or transfer. Refunds and transfers will not be processed if cancellation occurs within 48 hours of the event commencing. We do not offer refunds for missed classes. There are no fees for refunds or transfers. For cancellations prior to the 48 hour cut off, email Mastering Photography to organise a refund or transfer

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Terms & Conditions

Anyone partaking in any classes or coming to any events at Mastering Photography or organised by Mastering Photography must agree to these terms and conditions.


I agree to take on full responsibility for any damages, injuries and for physical and/or personal property, which I might incur whilst participating in classes and/or events organised by Mastering Photography.


I agree to give Mastering Photography unrestricted publishing rights for any photographs or videos taken at Mastering Photography classes and events or on Mastering Photography’s premises. (For use of Mastering Photography marketing materials).


Mastering Photography requires 48 hours notice in writing prior to the class for a full refund or transfer. 


In the event that a class is cancelled, students will be notified via text message or email and entitled to a full refund or credit.

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